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Maple the cat sharing her love with animal communicator Stacy Krafczyk. Photo by Tim Waite
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Soul on Fire: What our pets are trying to tell us

“The greatness of a nation can be judged by the way its animals are treated.” — Mahatma Gandhi

Those of us who were sheltering in place may have gotten to spend more time than usual with our pets. There were funny memes about dogs hiding from their owners because they didn’t want to go on another walk. But let’s face it, the lockdown made for some pretty happy animals having their humans home with them most of the time. Many animals were adopted from shelters during the lockdown, happily united with a new family to love.

Did you know that in the last 10 years, American pet spending has more than doubled? The value of the pet industry in the USA will reach nearly $99 billion this year. 67% of Americans have domesticated animals living in their households. That’s 85 million families.

These comforting furry companions can relieve stress, loneliness, and depression. If you have ever been to Dog Beach in Del Mar, it is easy to see the bond between humans and their pets. Most consider their pets to be a part of their families. Dogs are the most significant influence driving first home purchases among millennials. Let’s face it: Pets are an intricate part of most people’s households, and like most trends, California leads the pack (pun intended). Just how deep does this relationship with animals go? That’s what this week’s column is about — the soul connection between man and beast.

Once upon a time in Wisconsin, a lady worked for the animal shelter and the county’s animal control department. She was good with the skittish and aggressive. She had a real gift. She also had severe migraine headaches, and it wasn’t long until Western medicine failed here, and she reached out for alternative measures to find relief. She was introduced to meditation and went to a psychic teacher who told her she would be making a living working with animals — talking to animals — communicating with animals intuitively.

Stacy thought this woman was crazy at the time. Still, once this suggestion was put into her conscious awareness, the world gained one of the nation’s foremost and gifted animal communicators in Stacy Krafczyk of Located in San Marcos, she has been working telepathically with her clients and their fur babies for 20 years.

Animals have a way to access the human heart. This connectedness is what Stacy taps into when she makes contact with animals and those who have passed on to other realms.

What does a professional animal communicator actually do? What do animals have to say to their owners? Have there been any changes to your household? A new baby, another pet, perhaps? Have you changed your pet’s food, have you lost another animal in the house? Your dog or cat needs explanation and closure, too. If you have come to a dead-end and have not found other solutions to a problem with your pet, you may be in the market for a pet communicator.

According to Stacy, all animals can talk telepathically. She says 95% of the animals she has come into contact with are open to communicating. She works with vets and shelter owners, as well as equine centers. Much of her work is done over the phone with national and international clients, and she fully expects some of them to be skeptical at first. She makes believers out of them as long as they stay open to the possibility, she says. She usually lets the animals communicate with her first, so she doesn’t get the story from the owner, and when she shares the messages back to the owner, it turns out that the animal turns their humans into believers.

I asked her what do animals mostly want to communicate with us? Stacy says they want us to be present and kind. Not only to ourselves, but to each other, all the animals and the planet. Animals bring peace and provide a conscious awakening to a deeper place in our hearts. “They are constantly healing and teaching us,” says Krafczyk. Owners can hope to feel more bonded and validated after a session with Stacy.

Now that people are working from home, spending more time with their pets as part of the family unit, perhaps this is the perfect time to reopen your heart to the love and energy the animals have to give us. Stacy provides a clear and ideal channel to get to know your pet on a whole different level. The soul level. After all, who rescued who?


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