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Joseph Clarke with his new book, “SOL,” based on his own healing and awakening experience. Courtesy photo
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‘SOL’ awakens the mind, heals the heart

Local spiritual healer Joseph Clarke recently published a groundbreaking book called “SOL: supportive guidance for healing & awakening.” Through SOL, readers gain a richer appreciation for our divine nature, our experience of time, why we suffer so greatly, and how we heal through the bottomless love of our hearts. 

SOL came from Clarke’s personal healing and awakening experience. In 2010, Clarke was a 29-year old law student at UC Berkeley when he was suddenly diagnosed with leukemia. During his hospitalization, he had a guardian angel experience that started his spiritual awakening. 

That awakening intensified in 2018, when Clarke began receiving streams and downloads of spiritual wisdom. This wisdom revealed profound insights about mankind’s divinity, the origins of our suffering, and how we heal even the deepest inner wounds in the all-welcoming sanctuary of our hearts. 

Clarke has been compiling this wisdom over the past several years. Clarke wrote SOL to share the best of this wisdom with the world. 

SOL is a one-stop shop for healing and awakening. Clarke shares his spiritual wisdom teachings in Part 1. In Part 2, Clarke teaches powerful, easy-to-learn methods for feeling better, thinking more clearly, making wiser decisions, and enjoying life more. In Part 3, Clarke provides helpful guidance for finding healing and awakening resources, both globally and locally. In Part 4, Clarke shares poems and “loose pearls” of spiritual wisdom that awaken the mind and inspire the heart. 

SOL displays Clarke’s unique skill set. Clarke holds degrees in philosophy (UCLA, 2003), writing (USF, 2008), and law (UC Berkeley, 2013). Clarke describes himself as a philosopher, poet, and lawyer who channels healing spiritual wisdom about the deepest and most pressing issues, including who we are, why we suffer, and how we heal. 

“I feel like I was born to write this book,” Clarke says. “SOL unites my love for logic, language, healing, and the sublime. It’s a book from my heart to yours.” 

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