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Cox offers mobile service — and big savings. The more lines you add, the bigger the discount. Courtesy photo
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5 reasons people are switching to Cox Mobile

In today’s always-on world, staying connected to friends and family has never been more convenient – whether you’re sharing photos with your family or besties in a group text, posting good news on your favorite social media app, or singing happy birthday to grandma via video chat. 

And now the internet provider with the fastest speeds in America is also offering mobile service – and big savings.

In addition to offering unlimited talk and text, access to a network with unbeatable 5G reliability and no term agreements, here are five more reasons why consumers are switching to Cox Mobile.

Two simple data plans to save you money

Pay As You Gig – $15 per month per Gig (ideal for customers who don’t use a lot of data and only want to pay for the data they need).

Gig Unlimited – $45 per month per line/as low as $30 per month per line when you add four or more lines to your plan (perfect for families). The more lines you add, the bigger the discount.

Easy to switch from one plan to another – If your needs change and you need to increase or decrease your monthly data limit, you can easily change plans.

Discounted monthly rates on Cox Internet – Cox Mobile is available to Cox Internet customers, so you can enjoy a monthly discounted rate on your internet service when you combine Cox Mobile and Cox Internet, which offers some of the fastest speeds in San Diego County. Cox was recognized by Ookla® Speedtest® ( for offering America’s fastest download speeds for the fourth quarter of 2023.

Bring Your Own Device – Cox Mobile offers the latest in iPhones and Android devices, but if you like the phone you’ve got, you can bring it over when you sign up for Cox Mobile.

Access to four million wifi hotspots nationwide – Save on your plan’s data by accessing four million wifi hotspots nationwide, from San Diego and Las Vegas to New York City.

Example bill:

Keeping Dad Connected. The couple in your household loves staying connected, so they’re saving money with two lines on the Gig Unlimited plan. Now, they’ve added Dad to their plan, but he uses less data.

Line 1

Gig Unlimited, two lines $45 $40

Line 2

Gig Unlimited, two lines $45 $40

Line 3

Pay As You Gig, 1 GB $15

Monthly total $105 $95

(Before taxes and fees)

To learn more about Cox Mobile and check out the latest phones, visit a Cox Store in Oceanside or Escondido, or find one that’s more convenient at 

You can also go directly to or call Cox at 1-800-234-3993.

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