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At Pacific Ridge School in Carlsbad, seminar-style classes of 15 students and a teacher engage in lively discussions around “Harkness” tables. Each student is seen, heard and included. Courtesy photo
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Pacific Ridge Open House, Oct. 22

Excellence through challenge

At Pacific Ridge, students in grades 6 – 12 are equipped and inspired to meet the demands of a rapidly changing world. They learn to confidently approach new ideas, ask the right questions, and think beyond what’s in front of them to make connections and find their path.

Small class sizes, advanced coursework, innovative facilities and programs, and accessible faculty help students achieve the goals they set for themselves. Active participants in their learning, students build skills that serve them outside of the classroom and into adulthood.

Harkness learning

It all starts with seminar-style classes of 15 students and a teacher engaged in lively discussions around “Harkness” tables. Each student is seen, heard, and included, helping them develop critical thinking, communication skills, and an understanding of different perspectives. Students become confident expressing themselves and hone their ability to ask questions.

Growth through experience

Through a combination of interactive coursework, weekly service-learning, arts, athletics, and student-led activities, students are empowered to explore new ideas and interests, pursue passions, and develop their voice. A unique weekly schedule incorporates most of these activities into the school day, promoting opportunity and life balance.

Global engagement

Each school year, students and faculty travel across the country and around the globe for cultural exploration, world language study, and service. These experiences help students think beyond themselves, develop empathy, and prepare to contribute to the world.

Community of care

Teachers take an active role in student well-being, working together to understand the whole picture and what each student needs to flourish, both academically and emotionally.

They offer support, kindness, and understanding, in the classroom, on campus, and while traveling the world. Families are a welcome part of the community.

To learn more about Pacific Ridge, attend Open House, October 22 from 9 a.m. to noon. Register at