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Letters: Many Encinitas residents want in-person meetings

Dear Mayor and City Council:
It is my understanding, via a Union-Tribune article, that the City of Encinitas will not be having in-person City Council meetings beginning August 11, 2021, as originally planned.
If this is true, I respectfully ask you to consider my request.
Many citizens would like to have in-person City Council meetings again. Most cities around here are doing that already. I realize July was your month off, but we are now in August.
Here is my suggestion: Open up City Hall and only allow vaccinated people (they could show proof of vaccination) in the Chambers, and have everyone keep masks on. Those who are not vaccinated could be allowed in the overflow area with masks.
The Sheriff, who is at the Council meetings anyway, could check on people to make sure they were following the mandate. If this didn’t work, you could then state why we have to go back to Zoom meetings.
I hope you will do this. As the Washington Post has always said, “Democracy Dies in Darkness”.
Thank you for considering, and acting, upon my request.
Lorri Greene, Ph.D.

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SSurfer August 4, 2021 at 3:10 pm

The Mayor can make time for endless photo ops and campaign stops in her bid for a Senate seat, but she can’t make in- person council meetings happen. This is incredibly disappointing to residents, who are already frustrated with the Mayor and Council over endless traffic, crime, homelessness, Streetscape and upcoming developments. Many feel disenfranchised and ignored by a Mayor who talks equity and inclusion, but does not practice what she preaches.

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