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Construction started on new skatepark at La Colonia Park. Work began June 25. The facility should be ready for use by Memorial Day 2019. Photo by Bianca Kaplanek
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La Colonia skatepark construction breaks ground

SOLANA BEACH — Construction of the skatepark at La Colonia Park is now underway. Work began June 25 and is expected to take nearly a year to complete.

The estimated $1.1 million project will include skateboarding features, a small full-court basketball area and an EnergiPlant, a free-standing nanogrid that will provide Wi-Fi, USB ports for charging phones and internet access, additional seating and possibly security cameras.

The design also features a donor wall with 3-by-6-inch clear glass subway tiles installed in the shape of a wave.

The tiles, which will accommodate up to three lines of text, will recognize individuals or businesses that contribute $500 or more.

A two-phase plan to upgrade La Colonia Community Center and Park approved in 2008 included a skatepark. But the entire project stalled when the funding source was eliminated by Gov. Jerry Brown.

A few years ago, a group of residents successfully lobbied the city to complete another planned element — an honor courtyard for veterans — separately from the major project.

Skateboarders followed suit. Two workshops were held to allow skaters to design their ideal park.

Based on their input, the park will include elements such as a bowl pocket, a three-stair set with rails, a China bank, a stamped-brick quarter-pipe, a pole jam and a four-stair set with “Hubba” ledges.

The linear, plaza-style nature will allow for greater use by all-level skaters, according to the designers.

Almost 20 new trees will be planted to replace and supplement those that have been removed.

“It’s an exciting project we’ve been working on for a while,” Mayor Dave Zito said. “It’s good to see it going, but we’ll have to live through some construction pain while that happens.”

While the skatepark has received a lot of community support, at least one nearby resident expressed concerns about the construction noise, as well as the overall project.

In response to a story in The Coast News, one reader said it will take away “from the natural, quiet, open space that soccer players, frisbee throwers, dog walkers and (the) elderly have to exercise. “

The writer stated the valley in which the park is located multiplies sound, light and noise.

“Why didn’t residents, especially those of Eden Gardens, get polled and really informed?” the writer asked. “Why didn’t their vote count more … than those unimpaired by noise & light?”

The skateboarding area and basketball court are expected to be ready for use on Memorial Day, May 27, 2019.

Donor recognition tiles are still available. Forms are available on the city website. Click on City Government and go to engineering and public works and scroll all the way down.

Call (858) 720-2470 for more information.