Gov. Jerry Brown

Cal Fire bolsters staff to handle fire danger from area drought

Cal Fire bolsters staff to handle fire danger from area drought

REGION — The California Department of Forestry and Fire Protection (Cal Fire) is maintaining a greater number of on duty firefighters statewide, including in San Diego County, to handle the unusually high fire danger accompanying the state’s drought conditions this winter.

No more inmates sent to county as state works to lower prison populations

REGION — Thanks to recent legislation, San Diego County will not receive additional inmates as the state is forced to further reduce its prison populations by the thousands by early next year.

New law tells motorists to make room for cyclists

New law tells motorists to make room for cyclists

REGION — Three feet, that’s how much space a vehicle must give when attempting to pass a riding bicyclist or another vehicle along the roadways thanks to new amended legislature signed into law by Gov. Jerry Brown on Sept. 23.

Lines blur between citizens and non-citizens

As the lines begin to blur between American citizens living in California and immigrants who are here legally, it’s fair to begin asking what’s the difference?

Rejected spending and the prisoner crisis

For every action, goes the law of both physics and politics, there is a reaction, a consequence.

Shortages, delays expected under still strained court budget

COAST CITIES — After five years of devastating cuts, the California Judicial Branch has received a marginal raise in state funds for the new fiscal year.

Constitutional crisis coming over prisons draws closer

Imagine a troop of U.S. marshals trying to move aside the cadre of California Highway Patrol officers assigned to protect Gov. Jerry Brown and carry him off to a federal lockup.

Constitutional crisis coming over prisons?

Rarely since the Civil War have state officials anywhere in America been as close to openly defying federal authority as Gov. Jerry Brown and the Legislature are today.

California money switches rouse voter suspicion

One reason Gov. Jerry Brown’s Proposition 30 tax increases passed so handily last fall was that many voters became convinced that if they didn’t say yes to the new levies, the sky would fall.