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Keeping your reputation intact

My friend Perry has been trying to hire a salesperson, to no avail.

It’s not surprising, given the 11 million US jobs that are going begging. Workers have their pick of positions, and anything perceived as low-paying, potentially abusive or too hard is being rejected en masse.

The Great Resignation tops every business discussion.

As the basic laws of supply and demand apply here, employers of every stripe must aggressively position themselves as desirable to attract talent. Some improve their Glassdoor reputation, others use social media. Employee recruitment incentives have been rising.

So let’s not dwell on marketing oneself to get a job. And hiring in tough times was discussed here.

Let’s instead consider employee reputations. Perry’s had resumes he responds to, but these people repeatedly don’t reply. Or they schedule appointments … but never show up.

My friend Charlie had someone show up for work, stay until lunch, then leave.

And … well, you get the idea. There’s a litany of horror stories, and this only scratches the surface.

Admittedly, it’s currently a seller’s market. For anyone wanting a new position, this is a GREAT time to be job hunting.

However, things will eventually shift back the other way. Supply chain issues will square themselves away, interest rates and inflation will regain a regular rhythm, and employers will return to the driver’s seat.

One of the first people I befriended in San Diego told me, “Despite us being the 8th largest US city, this is a small town.”

Setting my immediate confusion aside, I came to recognize the truth of that statement as I’ve repeatedly crossed paths with the same people over the years. Both in the community and within my industry, all the players know each other.

Which suggests that whatever industry you’re in is also a cohesive group. And if you’re job hunting and are rude, unprofessional or irresponsible, word is going to get around and have a long-term negative impact on your career.

People have long memories; trust me on this.

So always take the extended view of your career and act with honor and decency. Remember that if you ghost a potential employer, or leave without so much as a goodbye, it’s going to haunt you one day.

Because, as Sir Isaac Newton observed, “That which goes up MUST come down.”

With that said, I wish you a week of profitable marketing.

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