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Father-son duo Rob and Connor Darnbrough, Smart Fit Method owners. Photo by Tomoko Matsubayashi
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Sit back and recharge your energy at Smart Fit Method

Smart Fit Method first opened its doors in Cardiff in 2021. Since then, clients can’t stop talking about the positive effects they’re experiencing. Efficient workouts are enhanced by artificial intelligence to improve each person’s hormonal response, while preventing injury. All this with three unique exercise machines. Now, as Smart Fit Method nears their one-year anniversary in Cardiff, they are adding their newest cutting-edge contender to the mix: the BioCharger.

So what is this method? For starters, Smart Fit Method was founded to offer innovative fitness therapy for optimal health. With just three 20-minute workouts weekly, paired with monthly body scans, client after client

The BioCharger. Courtesy photo

have shared their story of the difference they notice since training with Smart Fit Method. “In just four to six weeks, many of our members are seeing a 3% change in their body composition—decrease in body fat percentage and fat mass while increasing lean muscle mass. Our members, primarily Active Agers, 40 and up, have found our program to be sustainable for their lifestyle—efficient and effective while optimizing health + longevity,” says Connor Darnbrough, Smart Fit Method Co-Founder.

Monthly body scans elevate both the training and results experienced, as they measure the unique composition of your body. This provides insight to improve in your specific health journey, beyond simply looking at arbitrary numbers on a scale. Certified trainers are with you every step of the way, providing nutrition advice catered to each client’s specific needs.

Sounds too good to be true? Father son duo Rob and Connor Darnbrough, Smart Fit Method owners, aren’t stopping there.

The latest addition of the BioCharger is here to step the Smart Fit Method yet another level up. Just as we charge our cell phones once their battery runs low, the BioCharger recharges our personal energy levels. This is the sort of technology advance we could all use more of.

A top tier innovation, the BioCharger was designed to improve focus, sleep, energy levels, and recovery times. Say no more. We each need to regenerate healthy cells in order to perform our best. When new cells are created regularly, our bodies function as they are supposed to. The BioCharger makes this happen by bringing cellular voltage levels back to optimal levels. By replicating four types of natural energies, light, frequencies, high voltage, and PEMF, the BioCharger emits energy out so your body can passively absorb them. No work required by you. Healthy happy cells take in nutrients more effectively, detox quicker, and create new healthy cells.

If it needed to be vouched for, Dr. Tim Brown, Co-Medical Director for World Surf League and Sports Medicine Consultant for Red Bull, strongly stands behind the performance of the BioCharger.

“The BioCharger is critical if we’re really trying to treat the whole body rather than just an injury. It treats the human condition,” Dr. Brown says.

Clients at Smart Fit Method can sit and relax for up to 15 minutes to get their recharge before leaving the facility now as an added value to their membership. By sending energy to areas in the body where it is needed most, the BioCharger’s variety of settings truly amplifies the experience that clients get with Smart Fit Method.

“Just like vegetables, we also can’t get enough of nature’s energy.  A 15-minute BioCharger session provides our members with the equivalent of 4 hours in nature. This is important because according to the Environmental Protection Agency, Americans spend 93% of their life indoors.  At Smart Fit Method we are supplementing nature’s energy to support recovery and improve cellular health.” says Rob Darnbrough, Co-Founder, Smart Fit Method.

In order to provide optimum service for their clients, Smart Fit Method limits the number of new clients they can accept. Currently, they have a few spaces open, and when filled, they will be forming a wait list.  Get in on the ground floor and schedule a FREE workout demonstration today! Drop by their convenient location at 111 Chesterfield Dr., Cardiff, CA or call 442-320-7042.

Check out Smart Fit Method to get your recharge on.