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Del Mar fails CPP attendees

On Aug. 27, the City of Del Mar held a Citizens’ Participation Program (CPP) regarding the proposed development of the Del Mar Resort. 

That CPP was explained by the city to be an outreach process intended to foster early and open communication between neighbors about the potential impacts of this project on the surrounding communities.

So in light of this promise of communication, approximately 200 residents arrived at Del Mar City Hall to have the developer of the Del Mar Resort “receive and respond to the neighborhood concerns” as promised in the CPP.

This did not happen.

The only opportunity to comment was by filling out comment cards. One could talk directly to representatives of the proposed Del Mar Resort if you could locate them among the crowd of over 200.

Shame on you, Matt Bator (senior planner for the City of Del Mar) for not providing the open forum the CPP indicated would occur at the meeting.

Many of us took off work, arranged child care and fought the summer traffic to make it to Del Mar City Hall (at the inconvenient time of 4 p.m.) only to be told there would be no open discussion that night of the neighbor concerns over this project.

Residents of Del Mar and Solana Beach want to know why?

We are listening.

Jan Shields

Solana Beach