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Zeus arrived as a stray to San Diego Humane Society and was finally adopted after 11 months. Courtesy photo
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A match made in heaven for Zeus

February is all about celebrating love and marking the matchmaking successes in our lives — and why not? Finding a soulmate is something worth celebrating, even when that soulmate sheds and drools a little.  At San Diego Humane Society, matches are made every day between community members with extra love to give and homeless pets in need of a second chance. Some soulmates will fit in the palm of your hand, like a kitten or hamster, while others will take up a bit more space in your life — like Zeus here.

Zeus was an absolute staff favorite during his 11 months at the shelter. Some matches just take a little more time to make, and while 8-year-old Zeus behaved very well on leash during his canine adventure days to local parks, the shelter environment was stressful for him.

He arrived as a stray with some skin issues and fur loss. An allergy diagnosis and help from San Diego Humane Society’s medical team helped get these issues under control and Zeus grew just as fond of his caretakers as they did of him. Still, when visitors would come to meet him, Zeus would often retreat or become nervous, a challenge for adopters who wanted to make a connection.

Zeus was finally adopted by a couple who knew he was the one for them. Courtesy photo

But love is worth fighting for, and the staff at San Diego Humane Society never gave up hope of finding the perfect match for Zeus. He was featured on their social media channels, media segments, and was even named a Purina Pet, highlighting him as a great adoptable dog. In between adoption visits, Zeus spent a lot of time as an “office buddy” in San Diego Humane Society’s volunteer center, where he enjoyed plenty of affection, pets and playtime.

At long last, efforts to showcase Zeus paid off. As they say: Sometimes it’s just love at first sight. Zeus was finally adopted by a couple who knew he was the one for them.

He is now thriving in a home where the toys are plentiful and the playtime never ends. Best of all, Zeus and his new parents have both found the love of their lives! Now that’s a match worth celebrating.

If you’d like to celebrate the love that comes from the human-animal bond this month, consider adopting a pet in need. Not quite ready for commitment? Becoming a foster volunteer allows you to temporarily open your home to a shelter pet. You can also celebrate the love in your life by making a tribute gift to support the lifesaving work of San Diego Humane Society (

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