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Perkins Custom Coatings has been installing SpartaFlex on garage floors for over 14 years. Courtesy photo
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Why settle for epoxy when you can have SpartaFlex

For nearly 40 years, southern California homeowners have used Epoxy for garage and industrial floor coating projects despite its tendency to yellow, it’s soft and easy to scratch surface and its tendency to be permanently damaged by the hot, high performance tires found on many cars in the San Diego area.

Today California homeowners don’t have to settle for Epoxy and all of its flaws anymore. SpartaFlex is an advanced, next generation 98% solids polyaspartic floor coating that gives your garage a beautiful finish that is 3x harder than epoxy, resists yellowing while also resisting permanent damage from hot tires.

Perhaps best of all, SpartaFlex the best residential warranty in the market!

Perkins Custom Coatings has been installing SpartaFlex on California garage floors for over 14 years and has completed over 10,000 floors during that period of time. Its CEO and owner, Paul Frankel is considered by many to be the most knowledgeable contractor in the local market.  “Unlike many of our competitors, we like to do an onsite assessment including a moisture test for every floor coating project we install. Instead of using the ‘one size fits all’ approach, we develop a coating solution that we believe will last for decades for our customers, not just for a few years.”

Perkins uses only the most advanced surface preparation methods available and will either diamond grind or shot blast every floor that they install.

Old, failing, yellowed epoxy coatings can also be removed during this same process. “Many of my competitors will install their coatings right over raw or pressure washed concrete just to save a few bucks – I will never do that. We always do it the right way, not the easiest way” says Paul.

For more information or to see for yourself the advantages of SpartaFlex over Epoxy, call Perkins Custom Coatings, at 866-330-1DAY (1329) or visit their informative website at

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