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Rely on the fact that life continues to change, and maybe you’ll see a light at the end of the tunnel. Stock photo
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Which chapter of life are you in?

As the new year is upon us, instead of setting a goal for yourself, consider which chapter of life you are in. What kind of theme is it? 

I’m currently in a mom phase where I’m slowing down and learning all about acceptance, patience and the world from a child’s eyes. Some moments I’m impatient and wanting a different chapter to begin and then I’m reminded of the pure joy of the current moment.

Sometimes we have to focus on what is versus where we are going. In today’s world, it is incredibly hard to slow down. But when you do, there are a thousand benefits.

As I’m out in public I observe and see younger couples trying to figure out their dinner plans, so excited about what’s next. I remember that chapter and how fun it was. I also now see how much I didn’t know.

Then I see other parents like me and give them a nod of solidarity that I totally get it and understand whatever their kiddo is going through.

When you’re in your current chapter you are often focused on what you’re in versus what is coming or what to expect. If you can rely on the fact that life continues to change, maybe you’ll see a light at the end of the tunnel.

So for you, are you still in a student phase at college? Are you in a waiting phase? Are you trying to find your path? Are you raising teenagers? Tending to older parents or older yourself? 

With each chapter, there is an overarching theme to be considered and grasped, and then we turn the page and move on through life. Know that you can count on the fact that things will change. 

No matter what you are coping with, you will move through it and look back on it with both positive and negative memories. I believe we can always find a silver lining if we look for it. 

Happy New Year and I would love to hear about the chapter of life you are currently in! 

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