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It’s tempting to cut corners in business, but somewhere along the line, you will pay. Stock photo
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What’s next, brain surgery?

Here’s a deep, dark family secret: I can’t draw, design, or take photographs worth a damn.

In fact, were you to give me a pencil, ruler, and piece of paper, I’d be hard pressed to draw a straight line.

It’s sad, but true. SIGH!

When I first started in business, I foolishly tried doing everything myself so I’d save money. I’d struggle with design, graphics, web development and countless issues that I should’ve supervised but not done personally.

Eventually, I recognized the importance of focusing on writing, marketing, strategic planning and project management. My clientele instantly got better service, while I made more money by freeing up hours I’d previously wasted in areas I wasn’t strong in.

Effectively, I’d figured out how to buy time.

Recognizing the limits to my talents, I’ve since allied myself with designers, photographers and many other high-quality service providers.

This strategy ensures my clients always get the proper mix of services they need, I stay focused on what I do best and everyone’s MUCH happier.

It’s tempting to cut corners in business, doing things yourself that you’re not qualified to do. Yet my father taught me long ago it costs you to learn.

You may pay in lost business, missed opportunities or lack of sleep. But somewhere along the line you WILL pay.

“Dirty Harry” Callahan famously observed, “A man has to know his limitations.” Following this advice, the obvious secret to success becomes having the right people doing the right job in all segments of your organization.

Regardless of what you sell, you occupy a niche in the economy and target your sales efforts toward those who need precisely what you offer.

Like me, you’ve probably concluded you should hire an accountant for their tax expertise. So too should you be talking with marketing professionals for their specific knowledge about your communications efforts.

Thus, at the risk of sounding like Captain Obvious, make sure you’re working with specialists on your behalf including strategists, tacticians, writers, designers, website developers and production professionals.

Photographers and illustrators will also come into play, as will social media consultants, media placement professionals, event mavens and those focused on every other marketing segment you can imagine.

Because I don’t care how talented you are … you CAN’T do it all!

With that said, I wish you a week of profitable marketing.

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