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Vista Way seen as ideal spot for new fire station

VISTA — The Vista Fire Protection District continues its search for a potential new location for an additional fire station. Site studies by the Vista Fire Department indicate that the Vista Way corridor is an ideal locale.

Over the last month, a realtor mailed out letters to specific properties along the Vista Way corridor, said Director Jerry Hill, who provided the Vista Fire Protection District board with a July meeting update.

“The response has not been what we would like,” Hill said. “We had one response so far — a property on the corner of Gopher Canyon and Vista Way.”

Hill, who is working on this project with Director Read Miller, deliberated on the low response rate. Miller was not in attendance at July meeting, but Hill provided the feedback.

In their opinion, the realtor letterhead may have been a deterrent since recipients might have thought it was junk mail.  “So, our thought is to resend the letter, tailor it a little differently, coming from the district and on district stationery,” Hill said. 

Hill also pointed out the likelihood of residents opening the letter was higher if it came from the fire department versus a realtor. “So, with the board’s permission, we would like to resend out the letter on our letterhead and see what kind of response there is,” he said.

The board wanted to know from Hill the goal of the letter.

Hill said it was to inquire whether targeted property owners along the Vista Way corridor were interested in possibly selling their property to the district for the development of a fire station.

While these mailing efforts were made in the past, the board commended Hill and Miller for their perseverance and decided to leave the decision to their discretion, while noting that the substantial record of attempts.

“I’m not saying it (the new mailing) is going to get us anywhere, but at least we’re going to give it our best shot,” Hill said.

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