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Tejas Saboo uses a prescription-reading machine at Optique Del Mar to determine a pair of glasses’ lens power, with the help of Doctor Joe Ambrose. Photo by Kishori Saboo.
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Teen’s project gives gift of vision

CARMEL VALLEY — At summer’s end, 17-year-old Tejas Saboo found himself with more than 1,100 pairs of prescription eyewear — a collection amassing everything from eyeglasses to ortopads.

The Texas native, whose parents live in the Carmel Valley area, started his San Diego-bound summer in search of a project. After six years as a Boy Scout, Saboo was looking to not only make a far-flung impact, but to gain the leadership skills necessary to attain Eagle Scout status. Saboo ultimately decided to reach out to the Del Sol Lions Club, the local chapter of the Lions Clubs International, a community service organization.

Lions Clubs International has an eyeglasses collection program called Recycle for Sight, which collects old and unused eyeglasses. The organization sorts the glasses by strength, packages them and distributes them to people in low- and middle-income communities, particularly in developing countries. To Saboo, who wears corrective eyeglasses himself, the program seemed like a perfect fit.

Saboo started his own eyeglass-collection campaign, with the support of the Del Sol Lions Club. He called the project “ASHVIN! Community Eyewear Recycling Program,” inspired by the Hindu god of vision and medicine.

Boy Scout Tejas Saboo with the over 1100 pairs of glasses he collected and donated to the Del Sol Lions. Courtesy photo

Motivated by the idea of leaving collection boxes at area businesses, Saboo set to work, posting his project on NextDoor — a social networking site — in order to gather volunteers for support. He set his initial goal: 500 eyeglasses within a collection period of six weeks.

Saboo was able to lead more than 70 local volunteers, who helped hand out fliers and distribute collection boxes. In order to raise awareness, volunteers encouraged people in their network to distribute physical and digital fliers, and Saboo also distributed the fliers within his Boy Scout network.

“This was really a community project,” Saboo said. “The community came together to help bring my vision to life.”

Saboo and his team of volunteers were able to collaborate with 13 businesses — primarily optometry or eye care-related offices — across San Diego. Yet Saboo’s most successful location was the Carmel Valley Library, whose staff hosted a bookshelf for the glasses. This shelf alone saw more than 300 eyeglasses come and go over the collection period.

Saboo was most impacted by his collaboration at Optique Del Mar — an optometry office near Torrey Pines High School that agreed to host a box. Optometrist Joe Ambrose volunteered his time and Visulens500 — a machine that determines the prescription of a lens — to help Saboo read hundreds of the lens prescriptions he received.

“This was at the beginning of my project, and it really inspired me to make the most significant impact that I could,” Saboo said.

Saboo was able to deliver more than 1,100 prescription eyewear items for redistribution through the Del Sol Lions Club. He also recently received his Eagle Scout status. He continues to reflect on the project by raising awareness about the Lions Clubs’ Recycle for Sight program.

“So many people have something that could help someone,” Saboo said. “Most people don’t use their old eyeglasses. This could help someone for years.”


Tejas Saboo September 17, 2018 at 7:23 pm

Thank you for sharing my story Lexy!
Thank you for the kind words, Kimberly! I’m happy to have had the opportunity to work with Brian Hall and the Del Sol Lions Club to bring my vision to life!

Kimberly Whetstone September 13, 2018 at 1:12 pm

What an awesome and inspiring young man! Wouldn’t the world be a much better place if there were more adults and children like Tajes Saboo. We should all try to follow his lead and Pay It Forward whenever we can.His parents should be commended. Keep up the good work Takes.

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