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Stop wasting time — get Smart Fit

The Smart Fit Method is changing lives with the help of cutting-edge science and technology. No longer do you have to wonder if your workouts are paying off since they provide data to track your goals and progress. Normal everyday people now have access to super advanced fitness equipment and body scans that provide insights in to their changing body composition. These machines provide better and more efficient workouts, improved hormonal response, and help avoid injury leading to a longer, healthier life.

Comprehensive body scans help set and track individual progress while advanced, AI-driven machines stimulate better workouts and recovery. The revolutionary gym in Encinitas is the first of kind, and the result members are getting are undeniable.

Optimized fitness is not just about your weight or fat versus lean mass ratio. True health metrics reveal your body’s unique composition and makeup. Each individual needs to set goals using the correct information, and The Smart Fit’s FIT3D body scanner provides those insights. Traditional bathroom scales cannot tell you about body measurements, which are the true measurement of health optimization. The FIT3D body scanner will tell you every measurement of your body such as waist to hip ratio, and details in to where you are carrying your fat. This information is critical to your health and helps set individual goals and chart progress week over week.

The Smart Fit Method provides the best possible alternative for people of any fitness level because the results are quantifiable. Just three 20-minute workouts a week makes it practical for the modern working man or woman. The trainers are friendly, knowledgeable and hold clients accountable.

Stop wasting time and start build strength, optimizing hormones and burning fat the Smart Fit Method way! Call to schedule your FREE BODY SCAN + Free Workout  (a $150 value)  Visit or call  442-320-7042 to schedule your body scan and workout today.