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Smart Fit Method expands revolutionary program at no extra cost

The Smart Fit Method, a revolutionary new workout protocol, has just quadrupled its benefits for members with increased access to its state-of-the-art strength training, hormonal optimization, recovery and fat burning technologies – a powerful combination that has made gaining your ideal body composition easier and faster than ever before at a steal of a price. 

The Smart Fit Method is a new fitness concept that prioritizes individual growth and personalized workouts that include strength training, hormonal optimization, fat burning and faster recovery. Unlike other fitness studios, the Smart Fit Method uses data and sports science, along with the best AI-driven exercise equipment out there – all monitored by certified personal trainers. Results are monitored through body scans, strength gains and cardio vascular improvements.

Although the program is designed for all ages, it is particularly beneficial for longevity in the 50-plus crowd by promoting healthy aging and encouraging the development of “physical retirement plans.” 

The Smart Fit Method offers members access to three of its core machines: the Smart Strength (ARX), the Smart Cold HIIT (Vasper high-intensity interval training) and the Smart RIDE (CAROL bike).

Previously, members only had access to each of these machines once a week. Now, for the same price, members have 50% more access to the ARX and Vasper machines, and unlimited access to the CAROL bike. 

“This is a big deal,” said Rob Darnbrough, co-founder of the Smart Fit Method. 

While using motorized resistance to achieve a perfect muscular time under tension and performing a total body workout, the ARX machine delivers the safest, most effective and most efficient workout in the world. It’s 94% more effective than traditional weight training.

“Twenty minutes on the ARX is the equivalent of two and a half hours of dumbbells and weights in a traditional gym,” Darnbrough said. 

Backing the work gained through an ARX training session is the Vasper machine, which packs a two-hour workout into a single 20-minute session using compression technology, cooling and interval training to create the best efficiency and hormone response. This machine helps in the recovery process – which is essential to gaining muscle – by decreasing the wear and tear on the body that naturally comes with exercise.

The CAROL bike machine uses AI technology to prescribe the perfect resistance while you perform either a Fat Burn 30, 45 or 60 interval session, then ending with a recovery and cool-down period. This machine is nine times more effective at burning fat than a 45-minute run. 

“Most people get exercise wrong,” said Connor Darnbrough, co-founder and Rob’s son. “They think it’s about burning calories, but it’s not – it’s about accessing the proper energy source. It’s about maintaining a heart rate that allows you to oxidize fat for energy, optimize hormones and do strength training.” 

The CAROL bike uses exercise with oxygen therapy (EWOT), which provides 90% to 96% oxygen for members to better burn fat while also improving recovery time – more than four times the 21% of oxygen that’s in the air we breathe.

“The presence of oxygen is the absence of disease,” Darnbrough said. “With EWOT, you can workout harder, recover faster, increase energy and sleep better.”

Instead of using each of these machines once a week, members will rotate using ARX and Vasper once and twice a week for an additional two sessions each per month, and they can now use the CAROL bike daily. 

“We want to move the needle faster for members without burning them out,” Darnbrough said. 

Most other gyms that offer similarly advanced exercise technology would charge upwards of $75 for one session on an ARX or Vasper. With its increased access to its state-of-the-art equipment at no additional cost, Smart Fit Method members can train for less than $10 per session and see improved results in their health and body composition.

Members can track their progress through the Smart Fit Method App.

This fall, Smart Fit will introduce the gluteAImax™, a new exercise technology invented by the Darnbroughs that will activate glute and hip muscles to improve glute activation and prevent lower back injury, knee problems and gluteal atrophy – the lack of ability to use your glutes. 

“Your ability to get in and out of a chair relies on using your glutes,” Darnbrough said. “We need to have strength. Fifty percent of accidental deaths after age 65 are fall related. You need to stay strong as your balance depends on it and strength training after age 50 is key. Because of our advanced methodology, The Smart Fit Method has become the fitness center of choice for Baby Boomers across the region.”

Later this fall, the Smart Fit Method will also add a longevity doctor to its team to provide concierge medical recommendations, blood panels, hormonal optimization and more as part of its physical retirement plan for members.

Smart Fit Method is growing throughout Southern California! San Diego locations now include La Jolla, Cardiff and Rancho Santa Fe with new locations coming soon to Carlsbad and Torrey Hills. Orange County locations are Costa Mesa, Yorba Linda and soon San Clemente. 

Visit for the location closest to you and book your free workout and body scan, a $150 value. Those who sign up in September will receive a free supplement, a $50 value.  

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