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Spring Forward By Cleansing Your Soul
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Spring forward by cleansing your soul

In Spring, we can find ourselves motivated for organization, cleansing, and change. As a part of our seasonal shift, in moving from shorter to longer days, we are given the gift of more daylight. What do we do with this gift? Well, Spring Clean, of course.

There’s something about a longer day that helps motivate us to clear out the old and prioritize what we find useful and needed. In the same way, we clean out our material items, so too should we give time to consider all the excess and unintentional consumption we accumulate emotionally, mentally, nutritionally, physically, and relationally throughout the year.

And so we must ask ourselves, is there a meaningful purpose behind this accumulation? Have we considered how our consumption impacts our lives on a daily and the potential residue it can leave behind?

The change of season brings a blossoming of flowers, the emergence of life, and a breath of fresh air. I often think about how spring showers clear away the dark of winter. In the same way, nature responds to this change, so too can we shower ourselves with greater awareness of the impacts of our consumption.

One of the easiest places to start is in our own homes. The place we ought to find peace, relaxation, and comfort, is the place we tend to overconsume the most. Pause and take some purposeful time to look around your home. Take notice of all the areas in which consumption is excessive. Start with tangibles such as material items.

An easy and resourceful way of doing this is to categorize your home items. One category is marked for “keep”, one is marked for “not sure”, and one is marked “remove”. Gather two bins or bags for items that you consider “not sure” and “remove”. Start with a closest, and move throughout your home, intentionally and honestly removing items, including food, that no longer serve a healthy purpose for you.

It is not without consideration that this act of cleansing can be challenging, testing our values and priorities, and bringing clarity to what holds the most meaning. Sometimes it’s important to have support in this process. Share the experience with family or friends, or seek professional supports to guide your journey.

As the sun warms you up this spring, think about how you can create more forward momentum for yourself. What gives you energy and what is valuable to you? Creating more space by getting rid of what you do not need or becoming clear on what it is you do need, can create the motivation necessary for you to be successful with your intentions.

NTENTION Tips For Cleansing Your Soul: 

  1. Make a list of everything you consume daily.
  2. Ask yourself with truth, are these needed or do I need to make some changes?
  3. Declutter by eliminating what is not needed to create space.
  4. Getting stuck? Ask an expert.

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