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To help connect with loved ones, make the kitchen table a phone-free zone. Stock photo
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NTENTION Talk: Time for connection

Natural disasters reset the earth. It’s also a reset for us. Last month we discussed how to reset our minds, and this month I’d like you to focus on resetting your needs.

What do we really need? Water, food, shelter and support. We don’t need Amazon, YouTube, social media, etc., but we have evolved into such a consumption-based society. The more we have, the more we feel we are valued or matter.

Through all of our technology advances, we have lost a sense of ourselves, community and connection. In a lot of clients I see, it’s now a false sense of identity and connection. Most importantly, it’s teaching our youth how to connect; they didn’t experience pre-screen lives.

So it’s our job to help all of our loved ones detach from their phones, be face to face, and connect over conversation or a good meal, and reset back to the basics that truly fulfill our needs.

Let’s not wait for a natural disaster to motivate ourselves to connect or to give back. Let’s strive to connect daily. Let’s give back in ways we can. This doesn’t have to be a complicated or huge gesture either.

I think a lot of people hold themselves back because they don’t have the money to contribute or don’t know what to do. Start small and with something you are already good at. Maybe that’s reading to someone, visiting someone, making a phone call, preparing meals or asking a friend what they need.

We can all give back and learn how to connect more, which leads to fulfilling relationships and connection. Set up a plan for yourself and your family. Here’s one possible plan.

— The kitchen table is a phone-free zone

— Get outside daily

— Ask your family what their favorite part of the day was

— Do a screen-free activity before bed

— Start a gratitude journal (write one good thing about your day)

— Delete social media apps

— Take an all-day phone break 

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