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Senior fitness center opens

OCEANSIDE — The Tri-City Healthcare District and Tri-City Medical Center will celebrate the grand opening of the first of two NIFTYafterFIFTY facilities in the North County that offer programs and fitness centers designed specifically for seniors aged 50 and above. The first NIFTYafterFIFTY grand opening will take place from 11 a.m. to 1:30 p.m. Feb. 25 at 510 Hacienda Drive, Suite 108A, Vista. A second facility at 3861 Mission Ave., Suite B25, Oceanside, will open later this year.

Designed, developed and directed by Dr. Sheldon S. Zinberg, the NIFTYafterFIFTY team of physical therapists, fitness coaches, and clinicians tailor each person’s program according to his or her physical, mental, and medical condition. The goal is to improve muscle strength and power, reaction time, balance, endurance, and mental skills.

“Medical research,” said Zinberg, “shows that starting at age 40 our strength decreases by as much as 1 percent every year. From age 35, every year we lose almost 1 percent of our ability to remember. And by age 50, this progressive loss of physical and mental fitness can threaten our future independence. NIFTYafterFIFTY can help individuals delay, prevent and even reverse many of these changes.”

The NIFTYafterFIFTY center uses KeiserTM conditioning stations that use air pressure to smoothly and safely build strength, improve balance and increase endurance. In addition, a SCIFITTM Total Body Recumbent Stepper provides individuals with cardio and strength workouts while relieving stress on joints and back. The facility also features Power-Plate, a revolutionary machine that improves muscle strength, bone density, and flexibility with whole body vibration. Participants are provided with an individually pre-programmed key that tells each machine exactly what workout program to give. In addition, because equilibrium and fall prevention are so critical to senior health and longevity, NIFTYafterFIFTY team holds an array of special classes to further enhance balance, flexibility, and mobility.

Tri-City Medical Center interim CEO Casey Fatch noted that NIFTYafterFIFTY is a clinically-supervised full-body training program for mature adults, created by physicians.

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