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Sapp secures board seat

RANCHO SANTA FE — At an Aug. 18 meeting, Rick Sapp was elected to fill a vacant board of director’s seat at the Rancho Santa Fe Association. This seat has been empty since former board director Ann Boon resigned on July 7.

Sapp will serve until the term expires in June 2017. He also sits on the Finance Committee.

According to Christy Whalen, Sapp was treasurer and co-board chair of the Rancho Santa Fe Education Fund, which supports the Roger Rowe School.

“Rick also served nine years on the Rancho Santa Fe Foundation Board; and, served on the Board, on its investment committee and he was committee chair,” she said. “He was also trustee of the Pacific Ridge School.”

During the course Association meeting, board director Allen Finkelson pointed out Sapp’s community service positions as well as conveying how he worked at Goldman Sachs in New York City and in London.

Sapp’s position as board of director for the RSF Association became effective on Aug. 18.