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Safely remove and relocate your bee problem

For over a decade, Hive Savers bee relocation has created new technologies for honeybees. Today they are ready to share their innovative designs with the world, and continue to help homeowners with their bee hive problems.

Their new system automates the management of honeybees from a holistic point of view. Hive Saver Frames are a complete solution for hive growth and decrease the time invested in beekeeping. 

Hive Saver Frames are the nuts and bolts for streamlined hive management along with automated feeding. “They require no moving parts or electricity,” said Quentin Alexander, owner of Hive Savers.

“Instead of using mason jars for each hive, you can feed 20 hives all at once with a 5 gallon bottle. Hive Saver Frames are double the size of standard frames, cutting inspection times by 80%.  The frames are housed in a large insulated box, conserving heat in the winter and screened bottoms to open during the summer.

Milling and developing Hive Saver Frames was an expensive and time consuming research process. The Amish milled prototypes over the last few years, and development is complete.  It is time to set up production locally here in San Diego to get costs down, and Hive Savers needs help from the community to take it to the next level.

Hive Savers is looking for partners to mill their unique frames in exchange for building bee sanctuaries, or apiaries, on properties. “Bartering moves energy through the community, creates opportunity and moves innovation forward,” said Alexander. “We are looking for a saw mill to build equipment so we can raise more bees to pollinate crops and provide more local pollination security.”

Hive Savers is also working on designs for a float- tank, sauna & workout spa powered by heat and frequencies honeybees produce.

The design consists of a 50-gallon water tank and tub made of copper housed in cedar with an 8 X 10 workout platform powered by 1.2 million bees. “While the float tank is still on the drawing board, our Hive Saver Frames are ready for production as soon as we find a local production partner. A solid production partner here in San Diego is all we need.”

If you have a bee hive that needs relocation, or to partner with Quentin and Hive Savers, call 760-897-4483 or visit

BEE HIVE RELOCATION is a more humane way to manage bee swarms, and Hive Savers will safely remove and relocate your bee problem and turn it in to a community asset.