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Education services are available virtually nationwide. Initial consultation is by phone at no charge. Courtesy photo
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Nonprofit seeks to provide quality education to all children

Education consultant Nancy Eggert M.A. wants to serve as many children as possible who need an extra bit of help when it comes to academics.

Eggert has been working with students who have fallen behind in school to catch up with their peers for nearly two decades in Southern California through her non-profit organization, Boone Pioneer Foundation.

Eggert received her training through Lindamood-Bell, an organization that has helped students reach their full potential through sensory-cognitive instruction in reading, comprehension and math.

Over the years, Eggert has been able to pull students back to grade level and help them reach their basic skills within 60 to 80 hours. Parents frequently come up to Eggert letting her know how effective she was in improving their children’s education.

Following the lasting effects of the COVID-19 pandemic, children and their families are now facing more difficulties than ever before catching up in their studies, which is why Eggert is hoping to expand her reach to all children.

“Every parent deserves a quality education for their child,” Eggert said.

Eggert has been proactive in helping her clients save money by performing her consulting services virtually rather than in person, however there are still families who need financial help.

As a non-profit, Boone Pioneer Foundation is seeking donations from interested community members for scholarships and student materials. Eggert is also interested in holding a fundraiser dinner event in Del Mar in the near future.

“It’s time to serve all children,” Eggert said.

Education services are available virtually nationwide. Initial consultation is by phone at no charge. Student evaluation testing cost is $300 with hourly rates based on varying needs. A minimum of six hours per week of instruction time is required.

Those who are interested in acquiring Boone Pioneer Foundation’s services for their children or who want to either donate to the organization or attend the fundraiser dinner can call 619-227-1664 or email [email protected]. Eligible donations are tax deductible.