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RSF School District begins search for new superintendent

RANCHO SANTA FE — Since 1964, the Rancho Santa Fe School District has only had three superintendents.

And Superintendent Lindy Delaney has served 12 of those years. Delaney’s history with the District began back in 1986 when she was brought on as a teacher and ultimately took an administrative path.

The recent announcement of Delaney’s voluntary retirement is slated for July 1, 2016 and was a topic of discussion at a Feb. 4 Rancho Santa Fe school board meeting. When the board of trustees first asked parents in the audience if they had any questions about the process there was some silence.

Following Delaney’s encouragement from the audience, questions began to emerge.

“Obviously, the board is grappling with how to proceed,” Delaney said.

Delaney went on to say how input from all was necessary, including what was important to parents in terms of the process and the qualifications they would like to see in a new superintendent.

“There will be a process, and it will be a process that has some inclusion, but I also feel like we have a great school board in place to lead the process,” Delaney said.

She also wanted parents to know that the board will do what they need in order to make the best decision in their choice for a new superintendent.

A question from an audience member asked if the district had any intention of bringing on a recruiting firm to help in the search. The board’s response was that they were considering a firm.

RSF School District Board Vice President Todd Frank said the goal was to enhance that reach with, “People who were professional in this area to help us through this.”

Delaney said that as Superintendent for 12 years, and marking 13 when she does retire, she believes that there is one thing that the board should always remember. And that is to be mindful of the people in the community, the people in the school, and general counsel for the district, Richard Currier.

“They have a really good handle on this district,” she said, noting how it will take special qualities to fill the role of superintendent.

While an outside firm could be helpful, it was Delaney’s belief that people not familiar with the district may think something is needed when actuality it is not. She believed those already involved with the district could make the best future superintendent decision.

RSF School Board President Tyler Seltzer said they were still deciding on a process. Seltzer also conveyed that if parents are more comfortable sending emails to board members versus sharing comments in a public group setting, email correspondences were welcomed.

“I’ve encouraged people to call me. I’m happy to chat with you if you want to call and talk about it,” said Marti Ritto, RSF School Board clerk.