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Overton says financials are strong

RANCHO SANTA FE — In his monthly update, RSF Association Manager Bill Overton told the board and Covenant members that their year-end financials were solid. Items that have come in on budget include income, consulting and legal.

According to Overton, while legal was on target, litigation did differ some in the budget and was a bit higher. However, the Association did budget for this and Overton relayed that he thought all would be fine in this category.

“We’re a little high in the categories of PR and contract service because of our programming activities,” he said. “And I’ve really been analyzing what I’m going to start calling programming.”

Overton wanted the board to know that programming has always had its own component at the Rancho Santa Fe Association ranging from the Fourth of July Parade, which he thought was the most visible example. Overton then noted how Rancho Days and Christmas lights would be considered as part of the “programming” category.

Candidly, Overton explained that he really didn’t identify “programming” as a line item in last year’s budget when he first started with the Association. However, with a closer analysis on the programming activities he realized there was a definite place for it.

Overton conveyed how he believed that programming activities should have its own line item in the budget for the coming year and looked forward to those discussions with various board members.

“It’s clear to me that I need a more active hand in all programming, and will do so,” he said. Overton continued, “I’m very proud of our team and what we’ve done not only over the years with the Fourth of July Parade, but everything else we do, so we want to continue that and build on it.”