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RDM Management Group’s journey through emotional intelligence training, Chamber collaboration

Richard Marks, owner of RDM Management Group, discusses how his business, a veteran-owned enterprise, excels in interpersonal skills training, focusing on Emotional Intelligence. Learn about their unique approach, including professional development, coaching, and their book “Expect Great Things to Happen.” Delve into their journey, success stories, and collaboration with the San Marcos Chamber for networking and growth opportunities.

What services and/or specialty products do you provide? Our services consist of professional development training, motivational/keynote speaking, performance coaching, and assessments. Our specialty products include Blanchard trainings and my book “Expect Great Things to Happen: Five Core Principles of Highly Effective Business Professionals.”

What sets you apart from others in your industry? RDM Management Group is hyper-focused on Emotional Intelligence. We believe that effective interpersonal skills training requires a foundation in E.Q. (Self-Awareness, Self-Regulation, Social Awareness, and Social Skills), enabling participants to self-assess, self-navigate, and self-correct behavior positively post-training.

What question are you asked most frequently by clients? Clients and participants often ask, “How do you apply these interpersonal skills when others are critical or judgmental?” Another common question is, “Can you teach these skills to my boss and/or leadership team?”

What is your favorite business success story? One of the most transformative moments in my entrepreneurial journey occurred during a mentorship session with a seasoned leader. At the outset, my mentor astutely observed my nervous disposition and gently probed into its cause. I confided my apprehension about taking a vacation, fearing that without my constant oversight, things would unravel.

His response was a revelation. With candor, he pinpointed the root of my anxiety: a failure to cultivate and empower my team. “Richard,” he said, “the true mark of effective leadership lies in your ability to delegate confidently, knowing that your team is equipped to excel in your absence.”

 What motivated you to join The San Marcos Chamber? As a business operating in San Marcos, I am eager to network with other professionals and leverage the Chamber’s resources.

What’s your best piece of business advice? Get involved with the Chamber! I encourage individuals not only to attend mixers but also to engage in committees. This facilitates collaboration, rapport building, and the cultivation of relationships.




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