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Richard Marks is the new Encinitas Chamber of Commerce board chairman. Courtesy photo
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New Encinitas Chamber Board Chairman Richard Marks expects great things to happen

U.S. Army veteran, author and RDM Management Group founder Richard Marks believes in people. His professional background spans 30 years, primarily in Sales and leadership within the wireless industry.

In 2014 he started RDM Management Group, which specializes in professional development training.

“Throughout my corporate career, I aspired to be in a leadership position. The prospect of influencing the company’s culture while collaborating with others to achieve common goals excited me,” he says.

“Following several promotions and stepping into roles previously managed with fear and toxicity, where a ‘do it because I said so’ approach prevailed over listening to understand, I gained insight into my own skills. I established RDM to offer solutions and contribute to creating healthier work environments, training leadership to be rooted in understanding and empathy.”

Marks is the author of the book “Expect Great Things to Happen – Five Core Principles of Highly Effective Business Professionals,” which focuses on self-awareness, self-confidence, self-motivation, self-discipline and motivation.

His company provides a range of services, including performance coaching, assessments and sales training designed to enhance professional development, improve leadership skills, and foster positive and productive work environments.

Marks is the new Chairman of the Board for the Encinitas Chamber of Commerce. He is also active in the North San Diego Business Chamber, Escondido Chamber, and San Marcos Chamber.

“I became involved with the Encinitas Chamber through a referral from my colleague. Initially hired for executive coaching and leadership training, my decision to be involved in this Chamber stems from its unique attributes of emphasizing relationship building, fostering trust and promoting effective communication.”

“As we enter the Encinitas Chamber’s 60th year, I am filled with enthusiasm and commitment to serve our vibrant community. This Chamber has a rich history of fostering collaboration, promoting local businesses, and driving economic growth. I am eager to build upon this legacy working hand in hand with our dedicated members and community partners to enhance the vitality and inclusivity of Encinitas.”

“I invite each of you to actively engage with the Chamber, share your ideas, and participate in the exciting events we have planned.”

Perfect day in Encinitas?

“Before my involvement with the Chamber, Encinitas was my sanctuary for ‘Richard Time.’ I enjoy a run on the beach to reconnect with nature and center myself, ending the day with a visit to one of my favorite pubs, where I savor a cold beer and delicious pizza.”

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