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Operational Manager Nina Keshawarz and Mr. Bodhi, an energetic Bernedoodle. Courtesy photo
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Pet salon and store keeps it all-natural

Mr. Bodhi’s Grub and Scrub is a new business in Solana Beach helping animal lovers find self-serve dog wash tubs, grooming services and alternative, organic proteins and all-natural grooming products for their furry friends.

Named after an energetic Bernedoodle, Mr. Bodhi’s strives to keep prices reasonable compared to other pet salons in the region. Prices for grooming services will vary depending on the size of the animal.

Pet owners can walk in and wash their pets at one of the self service stations available. The self service option is great for pets who, just like the real Mr. Bodhi, like to play on the beach with their human companions and need a good rinse before they go home.

As a professional pet salon, Mr. Bodhi’s maintains a stress-free, cage-free environment for pets while also practicing best techniques with the best products possible. Mr. Bodhi’s even has its own line of all-natural shampoos and conditioners with coconut, lavender and other calming smells that help calm pets during bath-time. 

Mr. Bodhi’s is also unique because it offers ramps for pets to step up into the raised bathtubs, making it convenient for pet owners who  have large dogs or request for help like other salons with self washing stations require. 

The self service stations are great for pet owners who like to groom their own pets after a trip to Del Mar Dog Beach without having to clean up a mess in their own home afterwards. 

Operational Manager Nina Keshawarz said grooming one’s own pet is a great bonding experience.

“It helps strengthen a dog’s trust,” she said. “It reassures a dog that although they may not like this bath, they’re in a safe place.”

Mr. Bodhi’s also offers additional spa services like nail trimming, nail painting, ear cleaning and hair plucking, teeth brushing with all-natural products, deshedding and dematting, flea treatments and tick removals. 

No appointments for grooming services are necessary.

Beyond grooming, Mr. Bodhi’s also provides a variety of different proteins like duck, lamb, turkey, rabbit and beef that can help dogs and cats live and eat healthier. These different proteins can serve as alternatives to chicken, which is found in many common dog food brands and is one of the more common food allergens for dogs. 

Nina, who also serves as food advisor, can help find the right alternative protein for your dog. 

“I have always had a strong love for animals and people,” Nina said. “I do my best to show this in my work and dedication to educating pet parents on the benefits of natural, healthy diets.” 

Nina is certified in pet nutrition and continues her education to help keep herself up to date.

Take your pet to Mr. Bodhi’s Grub and Scrub located at 437 S. Highway 101, Suite #105 in Solana Beach. The store is open Tuesday through Sunday from 9 a.m. to 6 p.m. and is closed on Mondays. For more information, visit