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Dr. Amir Moradi, of Moradi M.D., a dermatology practice with locations in Carlsbad and Vista. Courtesy photo
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Patients are priority at Moradi M.D.

For Dr. Amir Moradi, his Dermatologist colleague Dr Saami Khalifian, and their team of providers who render a variety of cosmetic procedures, patients are the top priority.

With locations in Vista and Carlsbad, Moradi M.D. is a unique practice of its kind in the region because of the wide variety of nearly 40 different surgical and nonsurgical cosmetic procedures offered. Dr. Saami Khalifian joined Moradi M.D. in September of 2021 and is a highly trained Dermatologist specializing in surgical removal of skin cancer in addition to a broad spectrum of laser procedures and injectables.  Becca Huff, R.N. and Tatyana Tayts N.P. are two of Dr Moradi’s trusted practitioners with extensive knowledge and expertise in the field of Lasers and Injectables. 

Moradi M.D. offers a full selection of skin care treatments and non-invasive fat reduction procedure at their Med Spa Facilities.  Josalynn who has been with Moradi M.D. for over 10 years with her colleagues, LuLu and Gabby, are experts in their fields with years of experience, providing a wide range of treatments that are tailored to each individual client.

“Over the last 23 years, our organization has grown to have multiple devices such as the most advanced lasers and noninvasive procedures,” Dr. Moradi said. “We have put together a team that is able to do most of the aesthetic procedures that are available.”

Dr. Moradi first opened his practice in Vista in 2000 with his wife, Julie Moradi, as the practice manager. Dr. Moradi is board certified in Facial Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery and specializes in a wide range of procedures including Face and Neck lifts, Eye lid lift and Rhinoplasty. Moradi M.D. is also one of the leading centers for not only lasers but also injectable fillers and neurotoxins such as Botox and Dysport.

Moradi M.D. staff strive to ensure their patients can trust the practice to deliver the best results possible to help them feel youthful and confident.

“As healthcare providers, we are to be advocates for our patients at all times and to make sure we present them with something beneficial,” said Dr. Moradi. “My teamates Tatyana Tayts NP, and Becca Huff RN are the best aesthetic providers I have ever had the honor of working with.”

Every decision made for a patient is based in science backed by numerous, thorough clinical research trials that Moradi M.D. also conducts to test new products coming to market.

“We are one of the busiest clinical research centers in the country,” Dr. Moradi said. “Our clinical research trials help us to think more critically about the products we bring in and allow us to become familiar with what they really do for patients.”

The research department at Moradi M.D. has grown tremendously over the years and now has four, full-time researchers with Jeanette Poehler at the helm. Joceline De Leon, and her two colleagues Dominque Gagnon and Laura Cerda have helped elevate the clinical research department to new heights.

Researchers stay busy at the practice. There are currently 12 open research studies at Moradi M.D and researchers are currently looking to recruit participants for four new studies: one that requires people with lines between their eyes to test a product similar to Botox, another that is looking for people of Chinese descent to test a lip filler, a third that studies vertical neck bands and the fourth to study a new skincare line. Those who are interested can learn more on

The care in Moradi M.D. is seamless. In the reception the clients are greeted by their wonderful front office staff who are extremely helpful and hospitable.  Once checked in the clients are taken care of by Cynthia, Hanna and Jasmine our clinical staff.

Dr. Moradi has been featured by multiple aesthetic and medical journals and has received numerous research grants and funding for his work. With all his success, his mission and focus to prioritize his patients above all remains the same.

“My patients and my team are my driving force,” Dr. Moradi said. “They drive and motivate me to be better everyday at what we do.”