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Dr. Gregory Hurt leads the team at San Marcos Dental Center. Courtesy photo
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Clinic brings vibrancy, care to dental community

Amidst all that is going on in our world, it is nice to know that there is a friendly and reliable dental practice in your community. Dr. Gregory Hurt and the San Marcos Dental Center have been providing quality dental and health services for San Diego and the general Southern California region for the last 30 years. Based in San Marcos, Dr. Hurt and his practice have developed a large base of satisfied clients who take pride in their healthy and impressive smiles, as much as his team takes pride in creating and maintaining those smiles. His practice keeps up with the leading technologies within the dental field and they feel confident that their services will satisfy your expectations.

Dr. Hurt’s work ethic is grounded in his strong family roots. His father and grandfather were farmers until they collaborated in the invention of the farm multi-spread system. His father Oscar took flying lessons at 16 with his earned pay, and after high school he took the Army Air Corps (Forces) entrance exam and entered as a cadet, most Cadets had at least 2 years college.  He eventually became United Airline’s first flying General while moonlighting for the California Air National Guard.

Dr. Hurt younger years included chores, helping his mom and dad remodel houses as they moved more frequently as an air force “brat,” and developing a love of baseball. After high school he even was invited to pursue a baseball career, but his father reminded him of his responsibility to our nation and the pitfalls of having a baseball career that may falter from injury, and they did not make much $ in 1969 professionally. He ultimately volunteered to join the Air Force where he was trained as an instrument/auto-pilot specialist. He cross-trained into the dental field as a dental technician and he also passed his physical and pilot qualifications  for Cadet school. The passage again divides… and again, after careful contemplation, he decided on Dentistry..

Dr. Hurt graduated from UCLA with a B.S. in Biology and continued doing a Masters in Kinesiology when he applied for Dental School. He was a serious candidate for Loma Linda, USC, UCLA and Washington University… but one of his best friends talked him into going to Georgetown.  His dad was happy too, although he had a concern. While building a fence on the family’s avocado ranch in  Bonsall, his father turned to Greg about five minutes after informing his dad of his decision and said “Son, I think it’s great that you’re going into the dental profession… but I think your grandfather wouldn’t mind if you decided to change the spelling of your last name!”  Dr. Hurt countered that he was tempted to change his middle name to “Doesn’t”! Soon after that, he was at Georgetown University studying dentistry. At Georgetown, Dr. Hurt trained under Dr. Gustav Kruger, the father of oral surgery, and graduated in 1983. It was again a great school and this helped pave the way for Dr. Hurt leading to the successes that he is experiencing today.

Throughout his journeys, he has treated a variety of patients. Some in prisons, some down in Mexico,  some through the “Flying Samaritans,” a voluntary program. He notes that there is no better feeling than that of helping people, and not just in dentistry. While as a student he also worked as a community leader in in Westlake Village and was one of the leaders forming that community’s swim teams in the area. As a dad he volunteered in coaching baseball, helped form LCYO, and coached soccer as well. While enrolled at UCLA he worked as the Assistant Aquatics Director teaching swimming classes and SCUBA classes with his PADI Instructor’s License. Dr. Hurt has a long career of community involvement.

Today, Dr. Hurt and the San Marcos Dental Center do so much. His practice has the unique skill of being able to handle a broad spectrum of treatments, whereas other general practices frequently sub-contract to other specialist. He has extensive experience in endodontics (root canals) as well as most areas of treatment including cosmetic dentistry, laser whitening, laser surgery, implants,  periodontal disease, crown and bridge work, dentures and surgery for simple and more complicated extractions such as wisdom teeth. Even with his talents, Dr. Hurt prefers to refer some cases, such as complicated orthodontics, surgery, periodontics and endodontics. You can always feel “safe” with his recommendations and treatment.

Ironically enough,” Dr. Hurt” makes all of his patients feel comfortable. Ultimately, he does not want to “hurt” people and, when asked, tells them the story of his father and how the respect for his grandfather and the family  has always been important..

Dr. Hurt holds certifications in Implantology, Principles of Osseointegration and Jaw Reconstruction, Advanced Periodontal Surgical Techniques, and Esthetic Materials and Techniques. His training allows him to provide treatment for almost any dental emergency and his use of conscious sedation techniques allows him to put those patients who “fear dentistry” at ease prior to and during their visit. Their practice is a 24-hour Emergency Dentist Center and there for you whenever an emergency arises.

San Marcos Dental Center is centrally located and easily accessible just south of Hwy 78 at 162 South Rancho Santa Fe Rd. in San Marcos. If you are looking for a new, professional, and courteous team to treat your dental needs then look no further. Please call 760-734-4311, email at [email protected] or visit their web site at, and ask about their $89 cleaning, x-ray and exam special for new patients.