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Encinitas Ballet director expresses deep gratitude

Encinitas Ballet Executive Director Sayat Asatryan would like to let everybody know that the community is still alive during the recent health crisis that we find ourselves in.

Over 11 years ago, he moved to Encinitas and created Encinitas Ballet. This academy was created for the whole community, it is for everybody and he is very grateful to be here. He understands this a difficult time for everyone, but in reality, he is so optimistic when he greets each new day and appreciates the beautiful sun and flowers. Sayat feels very blessed and wants to share his thoughts with the community.  He understands that many young families do not know how to react with this current adversity, and he wants them to be patient. He also wants to convey to all his students that there is still a need for a little time before everyone goes back to the ballet academy as it was. He wants to say thank you to all of his patrons and students who have been very supportive. He wants to acknowledge all of the parents and friends who have come to the center’s performances and who have supported the Encinitas Ballet.  He wants all of his supporters to know that he is thinking about them, and while their performance for “Swan Lake” was canceled, they will perform this at a later date at no charge to the community.

He wants to remind everyone to be patient and respectful because we are living in an environment where we have many multicultural families. Sayat and his team respects everyone and cares deeply for their audience.  He is so pleased that after his students leave the Encinitas Ballet, move to different states, and countries, they come to us, back to their first teachers and take classes online.

He understands online classes are hard, especially for the little ones, but this not only affects the Encinitas Ballet, it impacts everybody.  It is important to stay together, respect each other and we will survive this together. He wants to remind everyone that It is important to maintain your education and your physical exercise.

The artistic director for the Encinitas Ballet and his wife, Olga Tchekachova, both came a long way to get to the United States.

Sayat Asatryan had no money for food and he slept on the train station floors waiting for the trains. From his small apartment it took two hours each way to get to the studio and he had only 4-5 hours sleep each night, but he made his dream come true. And if his dreams came true, so can yours.

“The Coast News has always supported us, they care about the community.” Sayat said. “The memories they capture are important to us and the community and we appreciate the job they do.”

He wishes everyone the best and to please be patient. He is proud to be able to work out of The California Institute of Human Science, an amazing place Encinitas Ballet calls home, and he appreciates their support.  He is happy to be in Encinitas and sharing not only his dance experience but his experience on loving life.

The Encinitas Ballet is located at 701 Garden View Court, Encinitas, CA and they can be reached at 760-632-4947.