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Supply chain management program courses at MiraCosta College include business law, business statistics and business communication. Courtesy photo
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MiraCosta College launches game-changing program to meet industry demands

The COVID-19 pandemic brought home the importance of the supply chain in bringing products to the consumer. When workers got sick at a meat processing plant, bacon was in short supply at grocery stores. When semiconductors from Asia became difficult to source, auto dealerships had only a few cars to sell on their lots.

Recognizing the importance of the supply chain, MiraCosta College created a new supply chain management program. At just $46 per unit, the new program is the most cost-effective option available anywhere. With the tuition-free MiraCosta Promise and various zero-cost textbooks and educational resources, students can pay less for their degree. Students can earn a certificate that leads directly to a career or a local university.

Supply chain management means getting the right goods to the right place at the right time. It involves many industries, including manufacturing, transportation, warehousing, and retail.

The supply chain shortages in recent years have led to a realization that companies need to be more flexible and agile in dealing with their supply chain issues, calling for a new breed of supply chain professionals knowledgeable in the latest technologies and creatively seeking new solutions. With a wave of retirements expected in the next few years, the demand for supply chain professionals will be even higher.

The supply chain management program at MiraCosta College addresses those needs. The contents of the courses are current and relevant because they are based on input from professional organizations in supply chain management.

Students can earn a certificate in supply chain management in less than two years and sit for professional certification exams in supply chain management that demonstrate their knowledge to potential employers. Program alums can also leverage their education to earn an associate degree, seamlessly transferring to California State University, San Marcos, or the University of San Diego, where a world of opportunities awaits in the form of bachelor’s degrees in supply chain management.

Even someone not considering a career in supply chain management will gain valuable information from the courses. For example, marketing professionals need to understand the supply chain dynamics when promoting products to ensure enough will be available to meet increased demand.

The supply chain management program courses at MiraCosta College include business law, business statistics, and business communication. Students can tour manufacturing facilities, hear from guest speakers in the field, and participate in a mentorship program.

Jobs in the field are varied and well-paying. They include logistics analysts, production planners, materials planners, purchasing managers, and production and operating supervisors. 

A study by the Association for Supply Chain Management found that the median compensation in the field is just under $100,000 annually, and overall compensation grew by an average of 12 percent. Employees with one supply chain certificate or credential earned 17 percent more than those without.

The survey found that jobs in the field were easy to find, with 81 percent of new graduates landing a job in three months or less. Most importantly, the survey found that supply chain management professionals had high career satisfaction and enjoyed their work.

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