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Cox Homelife app allows you to integrate all of your home monitoring and automation in one place, and it’s easy. Courtesy photo
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Lifestyle upgrade: Smart home technology at your fingertips

COAST CITIES — Having an integrated smart home in your future is literally at your fingertips with Cox’s Contour TV voice remote control and Homelife automation.

Forget about needing multiple apps to control all your devices – from the main security system, door locks and light fixtures to security cameras, thermostats and water sensors.

The Cox Contour TV voice remote control and Cox Homelife app allow you to integrate all of your home monitoring and automation in one place, and it’s as easy as saying “Show me the front door camera” into your remote control while binge-watching from your couch.

Here are some ways Cox can help you integrate your smart home technology:

Cox Homelife Security, a full security package that includes 24/7 professional monitoring. Features include smoke detectors and sensors for floods, glass breaks, windows and motion. Whether at home or away, use your smartphone or the Homelife touchscreen tablet to monitor your HD cameras, get notified of an intrusion, or control your smart door locks to let in a family member or pet sitter. 

• A newly launched Cox Homelife tier gives customers a lower-cost option to easily install their Homelife camera then self-monitor their home through the Panoramic Wifi app. Features include Continuous Video Recording, which allows recording 24 hours a day on up to four cameras and keeps the most recent 10 days of recordings. You can also check your HD cameras on your TV using the Contour Voice Remote, and integrate third-party devices such as smart bulbs, thermostats and door locks. 

• With Cox Homelife automation, check the weather or pull up your favorite recipes on your smart fridge. You can also install smart plugs on all your appliances – so get that coffee started from your smartphone before your feet hit the floor in the morning. And don’t forget to activate your puppy’s smart feeder with the touch of a button once you hear that four-legged family member come through the smart doggy door.

• Enjoying a relaxing movie night or binge-watching a TV show but want to check the front door or dim the lights while you’re comfy? The Contour TV Voice Remote is your go-to option. With a voice command, find what you want to watch, turn off your smart LED lights, adjust your thermostat, and view your Cox Homelife HD camera feed while watching your show.

Can’t find your remote? No worries. Just use the Homelife touchscreen tablet or the Homelife app on your smartphone. And don’t forget – you can conveniently and quickly pull up Cox Contour TV apps on your TV screen to easily stream Netflix, Disney+, Prime Video, Hulu, Discovery+ and Paramount+ among others.     

Smart home tip: Don’t forget about your home wifi. Having a fast and strong internet connection will help you maximize your smart home technology and connect dozens of devices simultaneously. Cox Panoramic Wifi not only powers a strong internet connection, but it also provides advanced security to safeguard your wifi devices and network.

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