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Trouble in the Wind band members, from left, Trevor Mulvey, Kyle Merritt, Robby Gira, Keith Haman, Dylon Garcia. Photo courtesy Trouble in the Wind
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Lick the Plate: Eating around town with Trouble in the Wind

Once in a while I come across a band that is so tight and whose music is so accessible, that I do my part to turn people on to them. Lick the Plate takeover columns are a good vehicle for that and a perfect way to introduce you to Trouble in the Wind.

This Carlsbad-based band blends multiple genres that range from Americana, alt country, folk to surf rock. That’s a perfect mix for my eclectic tastes and with influences that include Bob Dylan, Neil Young, The Band, Wilco, Paul Westerberg, Uncle Tupelo, The Byrds, and Barry White, well, I’m all over that.

Seriously, if I were to describe the sound my fantasy band, it would include all of those bands … along with Stevie Wonder and the Bee Gees just to spice it up a bit. To get a “taste” of their music so to speak, check them out at the Moose Lodge in Oceanside Dec. 20. For now, let’s get to know the five members of Trouble in the Wind through where they like to eat around North County.

I’ll start things off with Keith Haman, who plays guitar and pedal steel. “It’s a great time to dine out for those like myself who keep a (mostly) plant-based diet,” he said. “North County has many options in the form of either exclusively vegan establishments or restaurants that offer plant-based menu items. I love Plant Power Fast Food in Encinitas that started in Ocean Beach and moved up here a few years ago. The burgers, fries, and wraps are the greasy kind of delicious that you want in fast food, and they were way ahead of the Impossible/Beyond craze. While they offer raw food and other healthier options, I usually opt for the McDonald’s aping burger the “Big Zac.

“For the morning, Leap Coffee in Carlsbad carries some chia bowls that I’ve gotten a bit addicted to. I make my own now so I don’t have to go there every morning on my way to work but I haven’t quite perfected it. I’ve tried the avocado/ginger/chia, and pumpkin/chia and both are excellent. They also use Prager Brothers baked goods (which is next door) for their sandwiches, toast, croissants, etc. Their coffee is also excellent.” Thanks for the reminder to eat healthy Keith … and some new spots to check out.

Next up is vocalist and rhythm guitarist Robby Gira who keeps it short and simple with some very solid choices. “When I’m in the mood for Mexican food I’ll head to Lolas or Pollos Maria in Carlsbad,” he said. “If I’m going for Italian I’ll head to Spiritos, which is also in Carlsbad. If I’m craving Ramen I’ll head to Teri Cafe in Oceanside and for Vietnamese Pho or Banh Mi it’s Pho San Marcos.” Thanks for the reminder on Pollos Maria Robby, such a killer place!

Trevor Mulvey drives the bottom beat as the bass player in the band and is Encinitas centric with his picks. “I realized my favorites are all within a short distance of my rustic east Encinitas barn,” he said. “First is the remodeled Pho-Ever, with a wonderful familial atmosphere and amazingly fresh food. Coincidentally it lies near the second location of Kaito sushi Encinitas. The original Kaito location was home to some of our first shows. The biggest smiles and friendliest people can be found at Thai Pan Cuisine, just around the corner, and hey they even have someone twirling a sign advertising it. Sabor de Vida Brazilian Grill is like no other and I think of the avocado smoothie even now.” Well first off Trevor, I feel like I need to check out your rustic Encinitas barn! I’d also like to know more about a couple of your picks.

Dylon Garcia was introduced to me by his brother Seth Rockwell who turned me on to Trouble in the Wind. Dylon plays drums in Trouble in the Wind and favors Carlsbad joints. “Some of my favorite places to eat out at are mostly centered around downtown Carlsbad,” he said. “When I’m in the mood for Mexican food you can find me at either El Puerto, Fidel’s Norte or  Vera Cruz/Alejandros. Should I want to impress a lady out on the town or treat myself I’ll go Italian and Vigiluccis and 264 Fresco are two of my favorites. If I’m looking for a good burger the $6 burger on Monday nights at Barrel Republic is hard to beat and if I’m looking for something quick In-N-Out is my go-to. When I’m craving something from the sea Harbor fish cafe has the  best fish n chips in town, the fish tacos are amazing. I know I mentioned Italian already but if I want a classic New York style slice Knockout pizza is the best.” Thanks for pulling this all together for me Dylon, I know that can be a task with musicians sometimes.

Kyle Merritt plays the “other stuff” as he puts it. That would include piano, guitar, banjo and accordion and that stuff really gives the band a killer sound. Given his eclectic musical skills, Kyle provides a similar sample of restaurant choices. “I enjoy a lot of different styles of eateries and there are plenty of great places to go in the North County area,” he said. “Five that stick out are Sushi Kuchi, Punjabi Tandoor, Thai One On, Gregorio’s and Knockout Pizza. These are all Carlsbad based and there are so many more great spots in the area with a diversity of styles it was difficult to come up with just five.” Right on Kyle and love your musical style!

Trouble in the Wind gigs all over San Diego and the West Coast. Their next local gig is Friday, Dec. 20 at the Moose Lodge in Oceanside. Check out their music and upcoming gigs at