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Letters to the Editor

Pacific View

Since the Encinitas Union School District closed down Pacific View Elementary School in 2003, Mr. Baird is the third Superintendent to come along, lament the district’s lack of funds and attempt to implement the district’s plans on squeezing the most out of the sale and development of this property that was a gift to the district.

The photo of Pacific View that appeared in The Coast News was actually flattering. If the 3rd Street entrance to the school had been photographed showing the trash, the dead palms and the dilapidated state of the buildings it would have looked more like what it is: urban blight. In 2003 this prime 2.8 acre property could have easily been leased for $15,000 to $20,000 per month netting the district a minimum of $2 million over the last 10 years.

The district instead leased the property to the city for a dollar a year, then proceeded to allow the school’s buildings and grounds to deteriorate while proposing high density developments for the site with arrogance and duplicity that the public and the city rejected over and over again.

The community will not tolerate the zoning change that the district has been insisting on and threatening the city about for years which would allow a developer to construct a high density residential development on the site.

Removing the potential for this type of development from the table lowers the high value the district places on the property considerably. The bogus Art Pulse offer of $7.5 million is not an indication of what the property is worth nor is the controversial $7.28 million appraisal that used comparatives from a different county. The city should purchase this property for a reasonable sum and preserve it for the community that it was gifted to.

Mark Klammer,



No on Prop B

In a recent letter on the Prop B controversy, the author states that the “SB community decided on an initiative.” More accurately, it was a small section of the community that decided on the initiative, now known as Prop B.

Additionally, it states that “the council decided to … hold a special election.” More accurately, it was the prop B petition that required the use of a special election.

The FCCC was shut down for private use 15 years ago, in part, because of problems with alcohol, noise and parking. The council had to figure out some kind of compromise policy to open it up again for private parties, which they did. The policy was adopted Aug. 28, 2013. The stated objective was to try out the new rules for a trial period, to end on Dec. 28, 2014. The Prop B people could have allowed the trial period to complete instead of provoking a $200,000 special election.

If you are upset by this stupid waste of money, vote no on Prop B.

Bill Howden,

Solana Beach


Traffic issues

In light of the city forfeiting the federal grant for the Leucadia Boulevard underpass, we are requesting that they reprogram the traffic light sequence between Vulcan Avenue and Coast Highway 101 on Leucadia Boulevard.

The walk sign to cross Vulcan lasts for 17 seconds; at the same time, the walk signal to cross the 101 lasts 16 seconds. It takes at least 20 seconds to walk from Vulcan to 101. We have seen numerous pedestrians running across 101 to avoid the 3-minute wait for the next light cycle. There is a similar problem with an even longer wait time going aast.

Why don’t you extend the walk time on the101 to give people time for a safe crossing? Otherwise we fear there may be a serious accident there. Thanking you for your attention to this matter.

Ron Susi and Linda Kaiser,