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Letters: Aug. 21, 2009

Picnic in the Park for Leucadians
The Leucadia Town Council has been around since 1972, kept alive by a
great Encinitas activist Tony Kauflin. We have been involved in many community events and continue to be involved in representing and trying to preserve the Leucadia spirit.
Do you remember why you moved to Leucadia? Are you interested in restoring the spirit and pride in your community (without giving up our character?). Then please join us in preserving the reasons you chose to live here. We are having a Picnic in the Park at Leucadia Oaks Park (on Sanford and Vulcan) on Aug. 29 from 2 p.m. to 5ish. Just bring your own picnic and we will get a chance to meet and talk. No speeches, no presentations, just an old-fashioned get to know your neighbors picnic.
Presently, one of the main focuses of the Leucadia Town Council is trying to convince our City Council to look into putting in safe at-grade pedestrian crossings on our railroad corridor. They would be far less costly than the tunnels which are proposed (and not funded) and we would be able to cross more freely, at more places without the fear of being ticketed for getting to the beach or our shops on Highway 101. We have a petition going around and would like your signature or even better have you take a petition and have your friends and neighbors sign. We will have these petitions at our picnic, plus newsletters and membership applications.
We invite you to join us, stay informed and have a voice. It’s your community!

Rachelle Collier,
Leucadia Town Council

Health care coverage for all
As a small businessman, I can attest to the need for health care reform. I am currently covered under COBRA from my ex-spouse’s job. However, when that expires, I will be thrown into the world of private single coverage — an option that I have already explored. Even my mild pre-existing conditions more than doubled the initial quoted premium. I was also told that I was borderline for obtaining coverage at all. I am 41, quite healthy, eat right, get plenty of exercise … yet barely insurable. I cannot imagine what my prospects will be in 10 years when I am in my 50s.
The government needs to get involved in the health care system. The current free-market model has become expensive and exclusionary. We live in a modern industrialized nation, coverage should be available for all.
Scott Storms

Bizarro at the local level
In my observation of the Aug. 12 Oceanside City Council meeting, I saw the anger of some on both sides, in the council seats and in the audience. I could see there is definitely a power struggle and “personal interest” going on beneath the guise of “who is really looking out for the people”. There are bizarre sprinklings of deja vu here. Does Washington come to mind? It appears to me we citizens had better be paying attention at the local level because “it” is attempting to take a foothold right here in Oceanside. I can only imagine the same outcome and “it” must be stopped and now! The mayor verified the recall was sponsored by the police and firemen’s unions. Apparently, a collusion of past City Council members and environmental group(s) are also part of the recall. Admittedly, there were no findings that were unethical or corruption. They just do not like Kern or his decisions. Why are they not concerned about spending $483,000 when Jerome Kern’s term will be up in 2010 and at that time vote for someone else? My opinion: future self-fulfilling interests. I will vote no.

Nancy Wood

Health care a fundamental right
Health care should not be “for profit.” Such a fundamental right should not be at the mercy of insurance companies — driven by profits and huge salaries. We need affordable health care for all citizens. We have public schools, public highways, public police and fire, etc. Why not public health care?

Diane Barham

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popcorn1 August 23, 2009 at 8:48 pm

It’s fascinating how the left is going after the medical insurance companies. Thats the latest directive from the democrat party.

Notice how the democrats do not talk about the rising cost of medical service let alone insurance due to defensive medicine. After all, that would would not be in the interest of TORT attorneys who are major campaign donors to the democrats.

Remember, the democrats end game is socialized medicine. Thats called control.

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