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This accessory dwelling unit (ADU) is a Cross Construction Ready-to-Build design featuring 2 bed and 1 bath (749 square feet). Courtesy photo
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Introducing Cross Construction’s Ready-to-Build ADUs

Accessory dwelling units (ADUs), also known as granny flats, casitas, or guest houses, are rapidly gaining strength in popularity as they present housing and space solutions for many homeowners.

The pandemic has forced everyone to rethink their space at home and ADUs provide the perfect home office, a great place for guests, a living space for extended family or they can generate additional income as a rental.

In addition to cities encouraging homeowners to build ADUs by making it easier, more affordable and even providing Permit Ready ADU (PRADU) designs, Cross Construction is introducing its own line of Ready-to-Build ADUs. Homeowners can select a Cross Ready-to-Build design and work with Cross to customize any of the details and then quickly be on their way to building.

This turnkey option saves homeowners the expense and challenges of having to hire and pay an architect for an ADU design. This gives homeowners more ADU design options at a more affordable price tag.

Cross Construction has been building many of the city PRADUs and custom ADUs throughout San Diego and has received many requests for slightly modified ADU designs. Cross has taken all of the customer feedback along with its construction experience to develop optimized ADU designs that also take into account state laws and local ordinances.

This accessory dwelling unit (ADU) is a Cross Construction Ready-to-Build design complete with 1 bed and 1 bath (495 square feet). Courtesy photo

The first Cross Ready-to-Build design is a 1 bed/1 bath 495 SF design that has a different footprint than the 1 bed/1 bath city PRADUs. There are cost savings for homeowners by staying right under 500 SF and now homeowners have more options in selecting an ADU design that will fit on their property.

Cross will also work with the homeowner to customize the Cross Ready-to-Build ADU design to ensure that it fits in their space correctly along with helping to select finishes.

The Cross Ready-to-Build 1 bed/1 bath design is more traditional but the exterior can be modified to match the homeowner’s main house and through small finish selections the structure can range from a Spanish style casita to a modern farmhouse and the material selections can even convey a modern look by incorporating more glass to compliment the indoor-outdoor living experience.

In addition to providing more 1 bed/1 bath ADU design options Cross Construction has also rolled out a larger 2 bed/1 bath design that features a covered porch to take advantage of the indoor-outdoor living in San Diego and that increases the ADU’s overall living space with the additional outdoor area.

This design can also be customized to the homeowners’ needs and complement the main home. Cross Construction has the expertise to help guide homeowners through the entire ADU process from budgeting to design to building, the Cross team can manage all aspects of the project.

“Our mission is to provide homeowners with an easy turnkey ADU process that delivers an affordable and quality ADU that enhances the homeowner’s overall lifestyle through a thoughtful ADU design,” said President Cailin Drakos.

Cross has in-house equipment and crews that self-perform critical components of ADU construction. This allows Cross to reduce building costs while controlling the project quality, budget and schedule.

 For over 30 years, Cross Construction has been successfully helping homeowners build their dream homes. The company specializes in all types of residential projects, including ADUs, custom homes, extensive remodels and multi-family construction.

Call Cross Construction to learn about how to build your ADU, tour one of their current ADU projects and start building your ADU today!

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