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Cox Homelife offers the latest in smart home automation. Courtesy photo
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Home technology trends for the new year

By Ingo Hentschel

The 1960s cartoon series “The Jetsons,” about a nuclear family living in the year 2062, left an entire generation wide-eyed about what the future could look like and how technology could make their lives easier.

Today, many of “The Jetsons” tech fantasies are a reality — think robot vacuums, video phone calls and controlling your TV or house lights with your voice.

We now have access to a myriad of tech inventions, many of which were designed to save time and optimize home automation and safety.

Home Automation

The global smart home automation market is poised to grow by nearly $100 billion over the next decade. New smart technologies and software integrations, designed to automate the home and conserve energy, seem to advance by the minute.

Smart speakers are a home automation must. A central command system of the home, smart speakers allow you to control any connected smart device with the sound of your voice to play music, turn lights on and off, and even ask research questions like who the 26th president of the United States was (Teddy Roosevelt).

Cox makes it easy to build your own connected home, and with our strong and secure Panoramic Wi-Fi at its core, you can control, monitor and customize every Cox entertainment and home device within your network. Your mobile device and Voice Remote keep everything connected, comfortable and convenient.

Home Security

Cox Homelife and Panoramic WiFi bring you the latest in home security with a continuous recording Video Doorbell (VDB), which lets you monitor who’s at the door when you’re home, check on deliveries when you’re not, and keep an eye on pets 24/7. The Panoramic WiFi app lets you control it all from anywhere in the galaxy.

The VDB also listens, so you can speak to visitors. Devices like Contour TV or Contour Stream Player let you use voice commands to manage your devices. Just tell your Contour Voice Remote to “Show me the front door” and you’ll see who’s at your front door…right on your TV.

Home Tech Gadgets

In addition to the latest versions of smartphones, tablets, wireless headphones, and other tech gadgets available today, there are jaw-dropping gaming systems in high demand since the COVID-19 pandemic.

To power those new virtual reality gaming systems, Cox’s Elite Gamer service uses intelligent routing to automatically find a faster path for your PC game data, improve gameplay and reduce disconnections, ping spikes and jitter that can cause gamers grief.

If 2023 is the year you plan on embracing new technology in your home, you’ll need a reliable internet connection to power all those devices and activities.

At Cox, our network is built to handle peak usage. We’ve invested more than $15 billion in our network over the past decade to better serve our customers and bring next-generation gigabit internet speeds to homes and smart tech devices.

Stop by a Cox Solutions Store near you for a live demo of our latest technology.

And if you want to catch an episode of that classic futuristic cartoon, just say “The Jetsons” into your Cox Contour voice remote control, sit back and enjoy.

Ingo Hentschel is Market Vice President of Cox Communications in San Diego and a longtime North County resident. He began his career with Cox more than 30 years ago as a field service technician after proudly serving in the United States Marine Corps.