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Commentary: An open letter to Cori Schumacher & Co.

By Phil Urbina

Ms. Nelson,

I will address my comments to you since you and Kris Wright so kindly addressed them to me via the social media site “”    

As a Carlsbad citizen who participates in the social and political fabric of our community, you are valued.

You are also dead wrong.  Before you blindly accept Councilmember Cori Schumacher’s political double speak in defense of her position on police, you should really take your own advice and do your research. 

To have opinions based on feelings and not facts that you then go about planting in our community discourse is dangerous and irresponsible, just like Councilmember Cori Schumacher’s attack on our top-rated police department.

To understand the context, you must first be aware of the shift in national narrative toward police. 

The local Democratic party, of which Cori is an active member, chair’s a committee for and plays a leadership role in, voted at their June 2020 meeting to spearhead efforts to defund the police. 

“The San Diego County Democratic Party endorsed a resolution that basically means to defund the police via what we propose is a “Responsible Reduction in the Police Department Funding.”” Will Kennedy Rodriguez, Chairman San Diego County Democratic Party. (Statement released June 17). 

While reasonable Democrats do not support the defunding of our police, Ms. Schumacher has made no public attempt to use her leadership role in this committee to distance herself from this travesty of a vote.

Instead, on July 8th, not even a full month post her support of her local party’s efforts to defund police, Councilmember Cori Schumacher then began circulating an official memorandum, demanding our city council call the Carlsbad PD to the carpet and make them answer to a list of demands made by a group whose stated end goal is the abolition of police through a three-step process.

My question to you is, if Councilmember Schumacher is so supportive of our Carlsbad Police Department, and acknowledges their exemplary service to our community, why is she asking the tax payer to foot the bill on an agenda item that is not relevant to Carlsbad, especially in these financially uncertain times? 

Either, like a true modern politician, she is using our taxpayer funds (agenda items cost roughly $10,000 dollars per item) to try to convince us that there is a problem, so she can self-promote on solving it.

Or, she genuinely aligns with these groups seeking to “fully defund the police” (reference the above screen shot for quote source)

Until she rescinds her demand to docket this extreme group’s ideology, I stand behind my petition calling on the residents of Carlsbad to push back against Councilmember Schumacher’s support of organization’s that seek to defund our Police Department. 

Bankrupt, defunct cities do not happen overnight.  They happen over a series of years, with each bad vote, each irresponsible penny spent on self-promotion in the name of social justice for our politicians.

Now is not the time to play politics with our safety.

Phil Urbina is a candidate for the Carlsbad City Council’s District 4 seat.


KC Krause September 21, 2020 at 9:11 pm


What about the $73,000,000 public golf course boondoggle funded by us Carlsbad taxpayers?
What was sold to Carlsbadians as a $13M golf course ballooned into the most expensive municipal golf course in US history.

Why do the so called fiscal conservatives ignore this waste of our taxpayers $$$?
The biggest waste of our tas $$$ in Carlsbad history!

No one wants to get rid of the police or reduce their effectiveness.
Yet, when a once in 100-year pandemic called COVID is decimating cities income & police is the #1 budget item anyone who cares about our future will ask what the options are.

Too bad we cannot go back in time & get our $73,000,000 back…

George Corrales August 13, 2020 at 3:24 pm

Now that we know where Mr. Urbina stands, it’s time to learn where the two Democrats in the District 2 and District 4 council races stand. Logic tells you that since both are Democrats and both support BLM, defunding police is in our future if either candidate wins.

People should also be aware that as a member of the Chamber of Commerce Governmental Affairs Committee, Teresa Acosta, Urbina’s opponent in District 4, recently voted NOT to oppose the rollback of the old Prop 13, which means higher property taxes for businesses.

Joe Raffa August 18, 2020 at 12:18 pm

You are correct George, but keep in mind a tax on business is a raise in the price of their products. That falls on us the consumer. Also, the next move for these people is the elimination of Prop 13, which they could do now without obstruction. They always do things in small bites before they finish their meal. I believe they are a year or two away from elimination of Prop 13 altogether.

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