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Flora Sofia models a coral ombre-effect, body-hugging maxi dress with crochet detail on shoulder strap and side, with coral, chandelier earrings put together by Pink Soul Boutique. Photo by Tony Cagala
Flora Sofia models a coral ombre-effect, body-hugging maxi dress with crochet detail on shoulder strap and side, with coral, chandelier earrings put together by Pink Soul Boutique. Photo by Tony Cagala
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Catch emerging fashions with DEMA show

ENCINITAS — Some of Encinitas’ makers and shakers of style and fashion have been culling the latest trends in preparation for the spring and summer seasons and for the chance to display them during them fifth annual Encinitas Lifestyles Fashion Show May 18. 

The show, which is put on by DEMA (Downtown Encinitas MainStreet Association), will be especially themed this year as the association celebrates its 25th anniversary, according to Rick Moore, assistant director of DEMA. The theme this year is “25 Years of Fashion.”

Moore said that the event will feature fashions from the past 25 years, starting from 1988 and working up to the present.

The event, which Moore said has been growing each year, will feature a dozen local retailers’ fashions, and will be held at the Encinitas Community and Senior Center — a boon for the fundraising aspect of the event, with proceeds going to the Community Resource Center and their programs this year.

The fashion trends emerging that DeepFling owners Malin and Kevin Doyle are spotting are the colors.

For spring and summer it’s bright corals, yellows, greens, just happy colors, said Malin. To which Kevin added, “The corals are what’s coming.”

This, he said, is based on their attending a recent event where the majority of their European friends were all dressed in corals.

“When you shop in Europe, you’re shopping five, six months ahead of what’s happening here,” he said.

DeepFling carries mostly Scandinavian brands that the couple said carries over to Encinitas’ sense of style very well. “It ‘So-Ho Chic,’ which in Encinitas and Southern California, you can’t go wrong with it,” Malin said.

Patrice Miller is the manager and buyer for Queen Eileen’s in Encinitas. She described Encinitas’ fashion style as “casual” and “unique,” adding that the women love to wear what they feel comfortable in, but at the same time look different and trendy.

“It’s just a feeling that you get in this area of North County,” she said. Having come from the East Coast and having lived in the area for the past 30 years, she said she could see the difference — a difference in a great way.

“Not to take away from the classic East Coast, but at the same time in Southern California we’re so unique and different; our lifestyles are so unique and different, so therefore, so are our clothes,” she said.

When asked if Encinitas had an influence over fashion Miller said: “I would say Encinitas has its own fashion, but I think we can incorporate a lot of the great fashion out there for Encinitas.”

For the pieces that Miller will be showing at the May fashion show, she would only describe them as, “fabulous.”

But she said that it was important people find a style they’re comfortable in, when it comes time to finding a new look.

“I have people come in and I put them in what I think they feel comfortable in, what they feel pretty in,” Miller said. “It’s very important for someone to feel comfortable in their clothing and to be very self-confident.”

Malin said that fashion has the ability to transform a person. “The right outfit on the right person, it gives them confidence, it makes them feel good, it makes them that much more beautiful. It’s a little corny, but it can actually make a big difference.”

Kevin said that people come into a store and, typically, they feel overwhelmed, but that there’s an element of play when it comes to trying on new clothes.

“It’s like dress up as a kid,” he said. “And that’s when you actually do try something on that you wouldn’t have tried. Because you may have it in your head, ‘No, I wear nothing but greys; nice, severe solid greys.’ Then it’s like, ‘I’ll try on the coral piece.’…And you twirl around and it is fun and actually, it’s what you should have been buying for years.”

“When you’ve tried on things that you don’t normally try on, that’s, I think, when the magic happens,” Malin added.

Tickets for the event are now available online and at the Encinitas 101 office. Visit for ticket prices and more information.