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Magical moments this holiday season, The Book Cellar and an important mission

If you could go back in time and be a child again, would you? I have often heard others ponder their childhood with many warm-hearted memories. What was it about being young that seems elusive to us as we find ourselves in a wide open field in the midst of our lives? Could it be […]

Caring for the soul, winners and fabulous birthday trips under the eucalyptus trees

Do you have the courage to be real? Do you show your true colors or are you just one those faking it to fit in on your cul-de-sac? If the latter applies, you are missing out on the fundamental joys of who you are on the inside. Your soul is all you’ve got. And, if […]

Sassy Santa, a trip to La Paz and more from around the Ranch

Miss Krista Lafferty is proud to be a Rancho Santa Fe Rotarian. Not only is she a member, she is active in the club. The Rancho Santa Fe News’ assistant advertising manager has been a popular face around town in Rancho Santa Fe for over the last two years. If you aren’t in the Rotary, […]

Charity events, smart women and an inspirational story

Do you believe in angels? I do. I have never seen one in person, but have often thought, in retrospect, after meeting someone under an odd circumstance, that that person could have been an angel. Recently, I watched a show called “Angels Among Us,” which is a television series based on those individuals that believe […]

As Mr. Allen said, ‘The heart wants what the heart wants’

What happens when friends stop being friends? I’m sure you have experienced that one wonderful relationship that suddenly goes sour and your phone stops ringing. What’s funny about friends not being friends anymore is that, when you break up with a man you can rationalize it. A woman can find reasons why and make a […]

Let’s find a solution: Let’s find a smile and a value, America

I’m not one to really delve deeply into political debates.  However, lately I have noticed a very nasty trend: Complaining about America. I know. Life isn’t perfect and neither is our nation. With that statement out of the way, there is something to be said about honoring our country and valuing our freedom. There is something to be […]

It was another summer to remember in Rancho Santa Fe

Can you believe that schools starts in Rancho Santa Fe in less than two weeks? As I watch each store pile up more school supplies in their front aisles, it’s apparent the summer sand crystals are washing away with the tide of the season. Most commercials you see on television are bombarding you with last […]

We are truly blessed to be living in America

While many in Rancho Santa Fe celebrated the parade on July 4, I was out of town for the first time in years during this particular weekend. I spent my holiday back in Spirit Lake, Iowa with my family. I know what you are thinking — rows of corn, flat fields and a fly over […]

Remembering Will Norton and finding joy in the Ranch

June gloom seems to be lifting and there have been sunny skies here in Rancho Santa Fe, which has me pondering a story I can’t seem to forget. Do you remember the devastating tornado that hit Joplin, Mo., at the end of May? If you do, then I’m sure you’ve heard of Will Norton. He […]

Milestone birthday allows us to take time for reflection

By the time you read this, I will have entered into a new decade. Yes, that’s right. I am turning 40 this month. I thought I would share with my readers that fact. I must be honest, approaching this number has been quite an introspective time for me. I tend to reflect and digest this last decade […]