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Ranch’s own Julien Hug remembered on his birthday

I would like to remember someone very special to me in this column. He was a good friend, a wonderful person and I know he is truly missed by many in Rancho Santa Fe. Julien Hug’s birthday is in the beginning of February. I want to acknowledge his beautiful parents, Denise and Bertrand Hug. You […]

Dream-come-true moment restores faith in life’s beauty

Sometimes life takes time to heal. There could even be a few moments when it feels like the gray clouds won’t break. But when we least expect it, a ray of sunlight will find us and remind us that this world is still a beautiful place. Dreams can come true. Of course, I am speaking […]

Wrapping up holidays and looking to the new year in the Ranch

Happy New Year Rancho Santa Fe! With New Year’s resolutions in full swing, don’t expect to read my thoughts on what to do this year. Instead, look forward to those offbeat stories the other papers might miss, plus photos that capture the smiles of residents around town that have their own story to reveal this year in […]

Reflecting on my year 2010 in Rancho Santa Fe

In February of the year, I had the good fortune of being invited to Julien Hug’s 35th birthday party. That evening I had never seen Julien more thrilled to celebrate his birthday with his loved ones. Jen Keslick — Julien’s girlfriend — presented the most marvelous chocolate cake that I have ever seen. After he […]

In the game of life, time heals what reason cannot

Sometimes there are those individuals who exist on this earth who make us feel better just knowing they are here with us. Julien Hug was one of those individuals. His fabulous charming looks and broad smile alone would have been enough, but what really set him apart was his good nature and kind heart. His spirit had […]

The pictures tell the story, ask songwriter David Gates

One of my favorite songs ever written was coincidentally coined the year in 1971, the year I was born. I know I’m not supposed to admit my age and all because I am a woman, but I like being straightforward and to the point. The song “If” by Bread posed a brilliant question, “If a […]

Exciting things happening in the area and in far away places

There are moments when life seems perfect. You are with your family. The weather is inviting. The leaves have changed colors for the fall season, and someone you love is getting married. This was my weekend. I boarded a plane to Wisconsin to attend my brother’s picturesque wedding on a beautiful bay of the Mississippi. […]

Plenty happening in Ranch as summer winds down

Sometimes the best news in town are those stories you might have missed if you didn’t check in with your local gossip columnist. With only positive words and fabulous photos, I have found some inside stories this week you don’t want to miss. Summer is winding down. There are many new developments here in Rancho […]

Welcome, readers, to the new Machel’s Ranch

Welcome to the new version of Machel’s Ranch. Almost three years ago, I started writing this column with a featured story on my struggle as a mom and son facing little league tryouts. As life has changed and evolved, so has my column. I am proud to launch the shorter version that will focus strictly on the latest happenings […]

Baking cakes proves to be good for the soul

I’m not really one to rant on something. Originally, I had submitted a different story for my column. What I had sent in was an opinion on “zip code snobbery,” which I’m sure none of you are really concerned about. Sometimes sleeping on it is exactly what everyone needs to do. After reading it the […]