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Dream-come-true moment restores faith in life’s beauty

Sometimes life takes time to heal. There could even be a few moments when it feels like the gray clouds won’t break. But when we least expect it, a ray of sunlight will find us and remind us that this world is still a beautiful place. Dreams can come true. Of course, I am speaking from my own personal experiences recently. I am speaking of loss from last year and how circumstances can change our outlook when weren’t prepared for the change.
This week in my column I feel so lucky to share with you a dream-come-true moment for me. How this day brought the hope back to my eyes and showed me passages and chapters in my own journey. How what we cannot change will change us forever but there are gifts in unseen circumstances that can teach us beautiful life lessons. Don’t forget to keep believing in your fondest desires. When you least expect it, your shining moment could unfold for you, too.
Around town
On Jan. 7, Mille Fleurs’ bartender Jill Drouin invited my husband and I over for dinner. Can you say gourmet cook and should enter one of those cooking reality shows? Jill made us a delicious exotic salad with European cheeses, candied pecans on top of mixed wild greens. Sounds simple but so mouth wateringly delicious. The main course was a risotto with candied pumpkin squash in a white sauce. Then boyfriend Paul Savage, Robin and I enjoyed a fun game of Scrabble and discussed things like the Droid verses the iPhone. I have included a gorgeous shot of Jill and Paul for my column. I might add that Jill and I bonded two years back when we went skydiving together. You could say an experience like that could make anyone become fast friends!
On Jan. 10, I had the incredible privilege to meet my favorite author walking this planet, New York Times Bestseller, Luanne Rice. If you haven’t discovered her trademark fiction novels yet, she has written 30 novels and is promoting her next novel, “Silver Boat,” which comes out in April 2011. The back story on this meeting is quite contemporary really. We became friends on Facebook five years ago, becoming pen pals via the Internet. So imagine me this month finally meeting my mentor in the writing world as I walked across the San Diego Convention Center in the midst of the Library Conference coming face to face with Luanne. I am sharing with you my ray of light moment that reminded me that little dreams do come true on occasion. Coincidentally, 12 years ago when I started reading Luanne’s novels, I had no idea we would become friends through a social network and be I would considered “her best friend on Facebook.” I’ll take that, thanks Luanne.
So to any of you reading this who might be experiencing a rough patch right now, just know it’s only temporary great moments will come again. Take my advice, don’t miss out on Luanne’s newest novel, “Silver Boat.” There is indeed a silver lining inside this beautiful novel. I had the privilege of reading the unedited version last year.
On Jan. 13, the assistant advertising manager and my good friend Krista Lafferty attended the grand opening event of Massage Heights in Encinitas. Ranch residents, this is an amazingly short drive to this new wonderful business that caters to relaxation at its finest. Heavy thread count sheets are just one of the perks you might miss at other locations. I met owner Dean Goldschmidt and Retreat Director Brenda Videnoff that night. Krista and I received a private tour of all of the rooms and then enjoyed fabulous finger-foods with other invited guests. I have included two photos from this event.
On Jan. 14, the fifth-grade class at R. Roger Rowe Elementary participated in The Walk Through the American Revolution. I was thrilled to watch the three competing classes re-enact this monumental moment in U.S. history. Each classmate was asked to memorize certain vocabulary words, plus act out what character they were assigned. I’ve never seen more enthusiastic children that actually seemed to care and love being in school that afternoon.
I have included a photo from that day. Congratulations to the R. Roger Rowe fifth grade class members and to your exuberant spirits. I walked away inspired.
Later that evening, my husband I and joined previous ad manager Denny Fallon in celebrating the purchase of his new beautiful condo in Old Towne San Diego. Denny is a fabulous host. He made a delicious fish with pasta, and fresh Dungeness crabmeat with homemade cocktail sauce for his guests. Charlene Done and Johnny Nipkur were also there celebrating the start to a wonderful year to Mr. Denny Fallon. I have included one photograph from that evening.
On Jan. 16, I drove to Fairbanks to pick up my son from a sleepover he had in the Ranch. Tony and Jill Sorge have been Ranch residents for years. Their son Matthew is one of Jackson’s closest friends. Tony is actively involved in The Rancho Santa Fe Little League, and had a championship under his belt from 2006. He will definitely be assisting this year again. I have included this photo of Tony with my husband Robin from that beautiful sunny day in the Ranch. Tony had just shown us his own personal batting cage he had built that even had a radar detector for pitching! Now that’s what I call first class practice for any lucky boy.
Thanks so much for letting me share that day with the readers Tony, and good luck this season.