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Let’s find a solution: Let’s find a smile and a value, America

I’m not one to really delve deeply into political debates.  However, lately I have noticed a very nasty trend: Complaining about America. I know. Life isn’t perfect and neither is our nation.
With that statement out of the way, there is something to be said about honoring our country and valuing our freedom. There is something to be said for living in such a luxurious country where we can just step into any grocery store and find miles of food stacked high for our gluttonous selves to eat as much as we please. 
Those individuals behind the Internet postings that keep knocking the “Big Bad-Government” seem to forget that their rantings are obtuse and meaningless if they are not backing their words with actions. 
Are they serving their congressman? Are they helping “be-the-change-they-want-to-see” in this next election?
Meanwhile, millions are starving in Somalia as their country faces the worst famine in over 60 years. I’m tired of listening and reading endless complaints about our nation. Instead, please do something definitive and lend a hand to the solution. 
And, for those that just want to keep trashing the government, don’t forget to grab your Costco card and load up on aisle five for the “buy one get one free special,” or forget to sample the tasty barbecue wings before you hit the check-out line.
Just remember, while you are whining and enjoying the bountiful delicious hot snacks, less than 50 miles away someone is selling their soul and risking their life just to touch American soil.  I hope that you are finding a smile today and valuing America. Let’s be the solution and take action, OK?  If this is too much to ask, at least vote in the next election.
We are all so blessed to live here. I hope the majority of the citizens forget this obvious fact as we wake up and breathe freedom every day.  Life is too short and precious to be constantly spreading negativity in this world.
Around Town
On Aug. 1, there wasn’t a cloud in the sky on a glorious Monday in Rancho Santa Fe. In the heart of town at The Inn, longtime Ranch resident Katie Hawkes was inducting the newest Rotary member, Brad Britton.
If you haven’t attended one of the fabulous luncheons with the Rotary yet, then you are definitely missing out. When I worked full time for the paper, that was one of my Monday daily events that I just loved.
Motivating, inspiring and caring, this group reaches out and connects you with other wonderful individuals, while donating time to enhance this community and helping charities, too.  For more information on the RSF Rotary, visit their website and find out how you can become a member, too. Here is the link:
I have also featured a photo from the Aug. 6 meeting of district governor Larry Sundram featured with club president, Alan Balfour. A big thank you to Matt Wellhouser, chief of Rancho Santa Fe Patrol, for sharing these photos with the Rancho Santa Fe News.  
On Aug. 9, my husband and I had the wonderful honor of being invited over to Michael and Elaine Gallagher’s house in The Crosby for dinner. Imagine views of rolling mountains, purple skies and waterfalls with tropical plants surrounding you, while the sun is setting in Rancho Santa Fe.
This was my view that evening as Robin mingled with the Gallaghers. Robin and I had the best time sharing stories with them. Their son Michael is a film director/producer and also has a massive following on his channel on YouTube.
Can you say 20 million views a month? After a delicious filet mignon with béarnaise followed by crème brulee for dessert, we enjoyed watching some of Michael’s impressive comedy sketches. We had so much fun that evening! Here is the link to Michael Gallagher’s channel
I first met Elaine years ago here in the Ranch, when I worked in advertising for the newspaper, too. We recently became close during some trying times I experienced after losing two close friends in 2010.
I will never forget the warmth and sincere honesty from Elaine when she reached out and offered her support.
On Aug. 16, I received some exciting news regarding a local young artist that attended an art school in New York. Santa Fe Christian’s high school junior Lauren Sorge spent one month attending Parson’s Art School.
Originally founded in 1896 (under a different name), this academy is renowned for their progressive thinking, while developing new approaches to art and design education for more than a century.
Featured here is a photo of Lauren in New York City from this summer. Congratulations Lauren on your exciting experience. I know one day I will be saying, “I knew Lauren Sorge when she was just 5 years old!”
On Aug. 17, I received an e-mail from one of my favorite inspirational residents in North County. You may have seen her around town, Doris Lee McCoy? Well, I am here to tell you she has just topped Amazon’s No. 36th spot for bestselling books on Amazon!
“The Magic of Gross National Happiness” is a study of what place is the happiest place in the world. You would be surprised by these results. Her studies have lead her all over the world and she is one of our very own local authors. How wonderful!
Here is a photo of one lucky night when I hung out with Doris in town at Mille Fleurs. Thank you Doris for always being an inspiration and for spreading light and positivity in this world.
Save the date
On Sept. 22, The Art of Fashion, 56th annual Country Friends Fashion Show is coming to Rancho Santa Fe. If you aren’t attending, you are missing out on one of my favorite days of the year! Fabulous food, shopping, models and designers from all over the world will be transpiring in one day, so don’t miss out. To buy your tickets now, here is their link: I have featured a gorgeous photo of two wonderful ladies I know very well, Melanie Cruz and Pearl Padovano.
Later that evening, local celebrity singer Sacha Boutros will be performing at Anthology in Little Italy at 7:30 p.m. This evening will launch Sacha’s newest CD release. If you love jazz and a beautiful voice, don’t miss this evening out in San Diego with Sacha Boutros. Here is her link with more information on this event:

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Proud American September 1, 2011 at 12:23 am

Thank you for reminding our local citizens and me that freedom isn’t free, especially as the tenth anniversary of September 11, 2001 quickly approaches. Let’s bond together as Americans and display our flags to remember the souls that perished on that fateful day, along with our men and women in uniform who protect us and our right to freedom.

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