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Association honors RSF Foundation

RANCHO SANTA FE — At the Oct. 20 meeting of the Association, Christy Wilson and Charles Yash of the Rancho Santa Fe Foundation were in attendance to officially invite the board to that evening’s 30th anniversary celebration.
Wilson, executive director of the foundation and Yash, chairman, received congratulations for their work while they were there.
“The Foundation does good for our community and a lot of other places,” said Jack Queen, president of the Association.
About 400 people came to show their support for the Foundation during the celebration held at the Inn at Rancho Santa Fe.
The Foundation was founded by about 12 community members to help the less fortunate in Rancho Santa Fe and surrounding areas and has grown into an international organization that helps people around the world, especially in the aftermath of natural disasters.
“We have become successful and now are becoming significant,” Wilson said.
Wilson took over the helm of the Foundation about 14 years ago when the assets were at about $1 million. Now they are $30 million and growing.
Almost $100 million has flowed through the fund, Yash told the Association.
In other Association news, Ivan Holler, covenant planner, told the gathering that a total of six area roadways are due for resurfacing this year, probably after the rainy season. The decision was made by San Diego County Supervisors on Oct. 12. The roads due for improvement are Las Planideras, Mimulus, Los Morros, Rambla De Las Flores, Via de Fortune and Lago Lindo.
“This is all scheduled in the current fiscal year,” Holler said. “The funds have been approved and the contractor selected.”
Originally, only Las Planideras and Mimulus were scheduled for resurfacing.
As per the Association bylaws, each year the board is required to prepare and distribute an annual report to all members. That report must include a balance sheet, an income statement and a state of changes in the financial position. The report must be reviewed and audited by a licensed firm of the California State Board of Accountancy in this case ATK, LLP, which gave a report to the board at the Oct. 20 meeting.
“Kudos to the finance department,” said Ron Mitchell, partner in the auditing firm that reviewed the audit before the Association. “The audit this year went very smoothly.”
After the report, the Association approved the annual report for printing and mailing to its members.
Finally, community member Heather Slosar spoke to the Association about play equipment for a proposed playground on the Arroyo Property.
Various play structures and locations have been discussed over the years, but each had been abandoned because of issues surrounding it.
The current proposal is for a children’s play structure on a part of the Rancho Santa Fe Arroyo property that is owned by the Association but is outside the Covenant.
The proposed play structure would be commercial grade and made of natural cedar logs.
After the meeting, Association members took a tour of a similar playground at the Village Church.
The decision on whether to fund the project will be taken up at a later meeting.