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ArtSplash treasurer out on bail

CARLSBAD — Facing multiple charges of grand theft and misappropriation of funds, ArtSplash treasurer James Comstock has posted bail and is awaiting arraignment.

Carlsbad Police has been investigating Comstock since Jan. 31 for alleged mismanagement of the community arts nonprofit’s funds.

Comstock has served as the volunteer treasurer for ArtSplash since 2003.

He also worked as the treasurer for the city of Carlsbad since he was elected to the position in Nov. 2010, but resigned in January before his four-year term concluded.

Currently there is no suspected mismanagement of city money while Comstock was treasurer according to Carlsbad Police and city officials.

Comstock turned himself in to Carlsbad Police the morning of Dec. 18, and posted $120,000 in bail within 48 hours of his arrest.

He is scheduled to be arraigned on Jan. 3 for two grand theft felony charges and two misappropriations of funds felony charges, according to a spokesperson for the San Diego District Attorney.

Details about how much money was allegedly stolen have not been released at this time, but may be revealed at the arraignment.

In addition to working as a certified public accountant for Comstock and Associates, Comstock was also the chief financial operator and co-partner for prominent local breweries Port Brewing Company/Lost Abbey in San Marcos and Latitude 33° Brewing Company in Vista.

Shareholders for Port Brewing Company/Lost Abbey voted to remove Comstock from his chief financial officer position last week, according to the brewery’s spokesperson Adam Martinez.

He said that the company’s financials were reviewed in September by a third-party and no discrepancies were found.

The brewery has not selected a replacement chief financial officer at this time.

Latitude 33° Brewing Company declined to respond to requests for comments. Comstock’s son, Nick Comstock, is the brewer’s assistant for the company.



Rachel Stine January 8, 2014 at 12:10 pm

Comstock pled not guilty to the four felony charges at his arraignment. I will continue to follow his case and expect to publish another article by the beginning of February.

NamVet February 8, 2014 at 11:41 am

His Felony Readiness appearance was last week. Any word on the outcome? His court case number is CN326721. As you know, his records are public.

John Johnson January 7, 2014 at 10:05 pm

Is there an update? Has arraignment occurred so we can know specific charges?

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