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Anne, motivated by the team and her husband, increased her bone density by 3.9% while getting stronger all-around

Anne, a member of The Smart Fit Method in Costa Mesa, has prioritized her well-being by establishing a new fitness routine with us. Since June 2022, her remarkable achievements include increasing her bone density by 3.9%, reducing her fat mass by 1.54%, and gaining 3.7% lean muscle mass. Obstacles like osteoporosis and knee pain have been overcome, and she has unlocked an athletic lifestyle as a result. Through dedication, support, and consistency, Anne now enjoys skiing and playing pickleball with peers and family at the age of 63.

Beginning a new fitness routine

Initially motivated to come in by her husband’s encouragement, Anne stayed because of the continuous results, atmosphere, and support. An increase in her overall healthspan (the period of her life where she feels good) has been her biggest overall result. The atmosphere that keeps her coming back includes an intimate studio and efficient no-wait 20-minute workouts. Support has come from her husband as well as from the trainers, especially Kirra, David, and Kammie, who provide the personal touch she needs to guide her through challenging yet rewarding sessions. She notes that “their motivation keeps me striving to do better and better!”

Bone density increases

Anne and her husband celebrated a significant 3.9% increase in bone density after a Dexa Scan in April 2023. This achievement, within a year of using The Smart Fit Method, astonished her: “Never in my wildest dreams did I think I would get scores like that.”

Welcoming new experiences

While gaining bone, she has also lost fat and increased her muscle mass. These facts have led Anne to bid farewell to back pain and most of her physical limitations. Hours of pickleball with peers amidst friendly banter have become her new normal.

“I never thought I’d be back doing a court sport. I thought those days were over.”

Additionally, a ski trip for 2024 is fearlessly in the works. She can now say yes to new experiences and opportunities, knowing that the only thing holding her back is her choice or preference – not her ability.

Courage to care more

Apart from her physical accomplishments, like arms that make strangers stop in the street to inquire, Anne has also embraced more self-care.

She now focuses on diet, prioritizing protein before workouts as well as regular intake of vitamins and supplements. Quality sleep is also a must that enhances her workout performance.

Regularly scheduling her workouts amidst her semi-retired work schedule is also a part of her self-care.

Membership makes these self-care efforts easier because, as a member, she gets nutritional suggestions for every stage of her journey, and scheduling workouts is just a few clicks away in the app.

She encourages other women and mothers to prioritize themselves with a workout routine. Remember that you come first. She reminds readers that no matter how busy life is, “you have 20 minutes.” Prioritizing yourself will make you perform better in your everyday life, and it will make you calmer and more attentive in your relationships.

Inspiring others

Anne’s dedication and consistent self-care have turned her into a positive role model, not just for her family and strangers on the street but also for the entire Smart Fit Method community.

She notes that although the equipment may seem intimidating, persistence and competing with yourself will allow the studio to become your new best friend.

For Anne, The Smart Fit Method “really allowed me to get back into working out and to take care of myself, all while giving me a lot of bang for my buck.”

Anne, you inspire us all. Thank you for being a part of The Smart Fit Method community.

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