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Actor takes the stand in his felony stabbing case

SAN MARCOS — Los Angeles actor Shelley Malil, 45, who had a role in the movie “The 40 Year Old Virgin,” has been testifying in a felony jury trial at the Vista courthouse this week as he stands trial for the attempted murder of his ex-girlfriend, according to Kelly Wheeler of City News Service.
Malil is accused of stabbing Kendra Beebe with two kitchen knives more than 20 times in the backyard of her San Marcos home on Shadetree Drive while her two children were inside.
Beebe, who owns an insurance company, survived the August 2008 attack, but suffered serious injuries including a punctured lung, according to Wheeler.
Prosecutors contend that Malil was mad at Beebe and attacked her at her home before her screams drew the attention of a neighbor who came to her rescue, according to the testimony.
Malil’s defense attorney, Matthew Roberts, said in reports that Malil did not plan the stabbing but may have been defending himself from a male companion of Beebe’s who had been visiting her the evening of the attack, Wheeler said.
Malil’s charges include premeditated attempted murder, residential burglary and assault with a deadly weapon.
Keith Watanabe is the prosecutor on the case, and Malil faces a prison sentence of 21 years to life if convicted.