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A Place to Call Home: Library tradition raises funds and spirits

When I read in a 1990 Michigan church bulletin that 16 pennies laid side by side measured a foot making a mile of pennies $844.80 (5,280 x 16), I thought it a clever fundraiser for the Friends of the Cardiff-by-the-Sea Library. 

A large mayonnaise jar went up on our counter in the library, the Cardiff Chamber of Commerce joined the group and collecting started. The Cardiff Elementary School children used it as a math exercise, recycled and collected money for Operation MOP as it was called.

After our mayonnaise jar was stolen, an article by Logan Jenkins appeared in San Diego Union Tribune newspaper and we received a $1,000 donation. 

Downey Savings Bank contributed funds to have a plastic collection box made, we anchored it to the counter and our project continued.

The board had decided we would collect for a year or until we had a mile, whichever came first.  Ten months later we summoned the bank to come for our accumulation of coins of all denominations, cash and checks.

MOP continues. Pink piggy banks donated by Downey  Bank were decorated and when filled, we had a Pink Pig Roundup with a prize for the best dressed pig.

U.S. Bank also donated piggy banks.

Donations come in interesting containers. This year a member brought her coins in a quart Bubbies pickle jar bringing our total to $660. Another family saves all year, the family member guessing the total gets a prize. Family fun.

I regret that I have not kept a running total for the past 10 years. We have never reached a mile again but who knows this might be our year. 

A piggy bank on our counter in the Book Nook as well as the plastic box to the left of the door as you enter are for donations. 

MOP savers may leave donations, in a container of their choice, in the Book Nook for Irene. Craig Kratzer fuels our project with recycling.

We thank this community that knows how to have fun while giving a helping hand and it is one more reason why  Cardiff-by-the-Sea is our favorite place to call home.

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paula hutchings December 18, 2019 at 8:07 pm

Irene….janice got a card from you htis chrsitmas….and the email adresse was not legible….please let us know your correcte adresse so we can drop a note to you! so pleased to hear form you and all the best to the family as always. paula KRISTY hutchings

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